Two Boots Pizzeria Hell’s Kitchen

Let’s just get one thing straight: I am, by most accounts, a traditionalist.  I like musicals from the 1950’s.  I like retro style clothes.  And damn straight I think they boy should pay for the first date(but that’s just because I am cheap).  I get a little weirded out when people mess with my clasics (coke ZERO can kiss Diet Coke’s ASS), but sometimes…just every now and then…a twist on an old fave really tickles me pink!


Enter Two Boots Pizza.


This inventive chain, with outlets mostly in NYC, names its restaurant after the boot shapes of Italy and Louisianna.  You got it-many of the pizzas are Cajun influenced!  They also all have cornmeal dipped crusts, which create a pleasing and unique crunch.  You can order by the slice or by the pie, and there are tons of toppings that range from the standard sausage and onions to the way more funky crayfish and jalapeno pesto!  There are also menu items like salads and po boy sandwiches, but let’s be honest-if pizza is on the menu, are there REALLY any other choices?    I thought you would see it my way 🙂

Step past the groovy painted windows, and through the embellished door…

to the small but clean restaurant, featuring campy posters of 1970’s films on the walls.

Look at those guys just ACHING to get you a piece of pizza.

After we chose pizza slices from the glass case(slices run between 2 and 3 dollars a slice), the slices took a quick trip through the oven till the cheese was bubbly and melty.  Then we sat down at a booth, showered the pizza in red pepper flakes, parmasean cheese, and italian seasonings, and got to work on those puppies!

This is the Cleopatra Jones-hands down my favorite slice here.  Sweet Italian Sausage, peppers, onions, and mozzerella top it and DAMN do those toppings combine to make some mighty fine music!  The fennel spiked sausage is juicy and salty, and blends perfectly with that sweet red onion.  The sauce is that classic american-italian flavor, heavy on the oregano.  The mozzarella is stringy, clean tasting and rich-none of that pre-gratd grocery junk here.  And the peppers give the otherwise greasy bomb a vegetal, virtuous feel.  Sweet, melty, meaty, pungent, spicy with the red pepper flakes, flavor just DRIPPING down your chin…And all of this on a crust that is thin yet with substance enough to stand up to all the toppings.  The cornmeal is a particular star here.  Ever had sausage and grits?  That is what comes to mind with the crust and the sausage here.  Yeah this baby can only be improved by a heavy dousing of Sriracha, which I always do when I take out this pizza to eat at home…I like the pain 🙂

Here is the Night Tripper-Sun Dried Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic, and Jalapeno Pesto on a white pie. I have had this one too and it is also a winner winner, Cajun-Italian dinner!!!!!  Made with the same high quality mozz they use on the Cleopatra Jones, I also detect a sharper taste in here-perhaps asiago, or pecorino romano?  It was something with enough tang to stand up to the salty and umami filled sundried tomatoes and the spicy, fragrant pesto.  And the garlic…

Let’s just talk about roasted garlic for a second.  It is like butter and caramalized onions, and finding out the girl who was mean to you in middle school is now fat and ugly.  That’s pretty much how awesome roasted garlic tastes

Now add it to all that melty cheese and spicy pesto and sundried tomato-ey goodness?  Well, if you do not enjoy licking the sweetly sticky garlic juice from your hand as it mingles with the spicy and salty and creamy of this pizza-then I DON’T THINK YOU ARE A VERY NICE PERSON

The other two slices we got were

The Tony Clifton with wild mushrooms, sweet red pepper pesto, vidalia onions, and mozzerella, and…

The Sicilian pie, which is a thicker crust pizza with tomato sauce, mozerella and fresh basil as toppings.

I didn’t try either of these, but judging from Steve’s face:

It was outstandingly delicious!

Judging from plates that all looked like this:

All the slices were equally fantastic!!

This pizzaria is unique, clean, and most of all DELICIOUS!  There are cheaper pizzarias, there are bigger pizzarias, and there are surely more traditional pizzarias.  But more delicious pizzarias?  Now THAT is a fact that is debateable, and I will take that debate over a slice of pizza any time, any day…your treat 😉

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