Crif Dogs Review

When you have a free afternoon in the middle of the week, it TOTALLY feels like playing hooky.  I’m talkin no work, no laundry, no world problems to solve, just…you and your desires.  And occasionally, your desires can include things like wieners



THOSE kind of wieners.  You pervert 😉



Crif Dogs is a well known hot dog restaurant in NYC.  They are touted as some of the best in this city that is literally teeming with frankfurters, and are known for both the quality of the dogs and the variety of toppings.  They are also supposed to have this super swanky bar called PDT (for please don’t tell) that you enter through a phone booth. Ooh la la!  But I didn’t feel like getting schwasted at 2 pm (for once!), so I settled on the far more casual hot dog restaurant itself



After you go down a few steps, you enter into a small, dark restaurant, with a counter at which to order, a few tables, and a few counters to stand and eat.  I hear this place gets CRAZY busy on weekend nights, so that is probably where the stand up counters figure in.



There was also an arcade game, if you are into that sort of thing.  If it was crowded and I had to wait in line, I could easily be into that sort of thing.



The phone booth entrance to the secret bar.  Very James Bond!  I absolutely want to go back there!




The first dog was the Chihuaha, which was a bacon wrapped dog with avocado and sour cream.


Sound weird?  Well it was KILLER!




OMG this was great!  The natural beef and pork hot dog was salty, vaguely spicy, and meaty, and the bacon added a crispy and smokey flavor and texture.  the avocado was buttery and the slick of sour cream cooled the heat the hot dog brought.  The bun was standard, but when everything else is so awesome…who the heck cares about the bun?!!? This was my favorite dog!




We also got the Spicy Redneck-a house dog, bacon wrapped, with chili, cole slaw & jalapeños.  That same spicy, smokey dog with mayonnaise tempered, cooling,  slightly crisp coleslaw and vinegary, biting jalapenos.  And the chili…YEAH DOGGIE!!! This was as close as I have come to finding my beloved Der Wienerschnitzel chili (GAWD I miss California sometimes!!!).  All beef, no beans, tomatoey, thin, cumin filled, savory and spicy goodness.  This chili would be SO KICK ASS on some fries…or…



some TOTS



These tator tots kicked Ore Ida’s ASS.  Freshly fried, crispy, greasy, creamy, salty…omg, I have no words for how amazing these were.  These were the KING of the day. Swiped through some ketchup and mustard…next time I will only improve these by ordering some chili on the side and making an amazing little dish all my own.




Yeah we didn’t like these too much

Well, all I can say is-get yourself over here!  We actually ordered another hot dog too, a customizable one, but our flavor combo was nowhere near as great as the dogs this place dreamed up.   Bacon, chili, avocado, TOTS?!  AND you can get beer here.  AND there is a secret bar next door.  AND it is cheap. So yeah…a-MAY-zing.  Get yourself there fast.  And if you see someone eating tator tots with a gigantic ladle and smears of chili all over his/her face…that’s probably me or Bruce Vilanch.  Aww who am I kidding…it’s probably me!



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