Luzzo’s Review

Is there anything better than eating pizza after a fun night out?  The only answer to that, of course, is NO!  I mean, unless you go to eat the pizza with a bunch of your friends at a pizza place you have always wanted to try!


Luzzo’s is an east village pizza joint that many pizza afficionados swear by. Awesome thin crust pizza topped with premium ingredients in a laid back atmosphere…it sounds like everything I am LOOKING for in a relationship…I mean lunch…it’s so easy to mix the two up, you know?

After an easy trip downtown, we went into a casual, dark restaurant.  There was a tv showing the US open up by the full bar, and a back room with more tables and booths.   This is a place you come with friends and family, not a first date location (unless your first date was a foodie who likes to wear stretch pants, and then just marry that person on the spot!). There was definitely plenty of space and DELICIOUS smells coming out of the kitchen…YUMMMM

A friendly and efficient server took our order and then turned into a camera diva.  He loved it.  I loved it.  We were bonding and i hadn’t even eaten any carbs yet!


I didn’t care for the bread.  It had good texture, but the flavor was pure flour and water.  There was no salt, no sourdough taste, nada.  Though some of the excellent house brand olive oil and chili infused olive oil (that stuff was HOT and SPICY…if i am saying that, you know it was great!) helped, it wasn’t worth my stomach space.  Not when cheese laden dough was in our immediate future.

And now, for the main event….


That senseless exclamation is the only way to convey my stomach grumbling, saliva producing, teeth gnashing THRILL at seeing and smelling the piping hot Bufala, Salsiccia, and Michele pies set in front of us.

Kate and Ben were ready to dig in too!

The charcoal burning oven had cooked the crisp but not brittle crust to perfection-slighly charred, foldable, supple but strong enough to eat by hand without the toppings falling off.

And what toppings they were!  Sweet, fresh, stringy cheese.  Tangy and tart tomato sauce. And that SAUSAGE…now that sent me to the moon.  Full of red pepper and fennel, the pork sausage was crumbly, sweet, spicy, and filled with the rich fulfillment only pork gives.  Turkey sausage is NOT the same, I don’t care WHAT my rabbi says!

And the Michele pizza-be still my HEART!  This sauceless pizza had prosciutto, mushrooms, mozerella, basil, and truffle pate.  What is truffle pate, you ask? Well, it seems to be thin shavings of pure love and self fulfillment.  That is how amazing the taste is, and the chef was NOT stingy with this luscious stuff. The heat warmed the truffles through until the earthy scent floated up in dreamy, savory wafts.  The salty prosciutto, creamy cheeese, meaty mushrooms, and fresh basil served as backdrops to this star ingredient.  It was freakin exceptional. The prosciutto is of special note here.  Not waxy or dry, as so much lesser quality prosciutto is, this stuff was tender, paper thin, and dissolved in delightruly fatty strips the moment it touched the tongue.  Though I tend to be a tomato sauce lover, this pie was perfect without it. The sauce would have been too bright for such a deep and grounded flavor. This pizza was a dream and I plan on ordering this baby again and again!

This was all excellent pizza.  Not heavily spiced or loaded down with toppings, it seemed to be distinctly Italian.  Where American pizzas tend to be about crazy flavor combinations and huge amounts of toppings, this pizza was showcasing the freshness and tastes of each individual ingredient.  I could really taste the sweet tomatoes, the yeasty crust, the milky cheese, and the pleasantly fatty sausage.   And that intoxicating, umami filled truffle pate…I still taste that in my DREAMS. The flavors didn’t slap you in  the face, but rather invited you in.  We all seemed to eat more slowly here, rather than guzzling down these slices.

Without a doubt,  Luzzo’s was a fantastic time!  The pizza was delicious, the service quick, and the prices very reasonable.  Come down here for some real Italiano style pizza and some real Americano style fun!

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