Snack Restaurant Review

There are times when I am a good blogger and take fabulous pictures of otherwise ordinary food

And there are times when I am a crappy blogger and take horrible pictures of wonderful food

What kind of post do you think this will be?

If you guessed option B, you are so right!  I went to a teensy little restaurant called Snack that I have heard about for ages but never frequented.  By the time I got there and ordered, I was ready to eat my own fists, so the pics i took were horrid…really, i am about to embarrass my family with these atrocities…

It is, like so many places i frequent, teeny and delicious.  It has a Michelin star, is top rated in Zagat, and every foodie from The Amateur Gourmet to the staff  at New York Magazine raves about the authentic, fresh food at this shoebox sized, inexpensive dining space. And it really is worth squishing your ample sized hips into the tiny booth for some of this amazing Greek fare.  

This sad little picture is of my totally transcendent order, the Tuna 1.0 With hard-braised yellowfin tuna with artichokes, tomatoes, cucumbers, portabello mushrooms, scallions and shaved viahotiri cheese in a lemon vinaigrette on ciabatta bread

Let me tell you something.  This is-without a doubt-the BEST TUNA SANDWICH I HAVE EVER HAD!  I am one of those folks who, though I love mayo, can’t STAND creamy fish.  Fish should be flaky,not creamy. The thought of mayonnaise laden fish stirred into a paste on squishy white bread makes me want to do this:


But this tuna-gently poached until it is just cooked through-was left in full, meaty chunks.  I could taste the sea, the savory flavor, and the salt in each bite.  The portobello mushrooms brought in meatiness and earthiness, and the dressing was vinegary and tart.  The tomatoes were sweet, the cukes refreshing, and the artichoke hearts soft and full of that vinegar flavor.  The scallions were inspired-they had the gentle bite of onion with none of the abrasive harshness-i am SO using scallions in my tuna sandwiches from now on.  The cheese-which I have NEVER used with tuna- was not at all overpowering, just added a subtle and salty sharpness to the dish.  The flavor and delicate, semi-hard texture reminded me of Grana Padano cheese. And the ciabatta was so fresh it tore neatly with the teeth-no need to saw through layers of rock hard dough here.

Please ignore my horrid picture.  And if you very smartly decide to eat here,  leave your claustrophobia at home.  For about $12 and change, i got the freshest, lightest, most satisfying sandwich that i could imagine.  It perfectly melded sea and earth, tart and sweet, light and meaty.  And this baby was HUGE-i def ate half there, and half for dinner that night.  So if you want one of the best tuna sandwiches out there, go to Snack…and if you want to see a better photographer than me, check out Diane Arbus.  But she doesn’t take as many pics of food porn as I do…hey, we all have our shortcomings 😉