I’m a Spekulator

Did you know that I love waffles?  Well, I do.  Everything from crappy Eggos to decadent Belgian waffles at a hotel brunch…I love waffles!  For me it is a textural thing…I love the crisp edges with the fluffy innards…and of course the toppings.  Syrup, ice cream, CHICKEN!!!  Yep, waffles are pretty amazing.  
So when I passed the Wafels and Dinges cart downtown this weekend, I knew I had to give it a go!
Wafles and Dinges means waffles and toppings in flemish!  They specialize in the Belgian waffles known as liege waffles.  Now if you have never had a liege waffle…sorry, but you’ve never had waffles!  Liege waffles are special because they are incredibly light, a little chewy, and filled with these large grains of sugar that crunch when you bite them and make you remember that life is a wonderful and unexpected adventure.
Each waffle was made TO ORDER…you can imagine the scents wafting out of that cart! The last time I had a true liege waffle was over a year ago in Paris, and by the time I got to the front of the very fast moving line, I was drooling like a bulldog…Yep, I am pretty sexy.
Though there were toppings ranging from butter to nutella to ice cream, I opted for the spekuloos spread-what was it?  Why was it the owner’s favorite?  And what ever happened to baby jane?
This waffle was OUTRAGEOUS…Easily the best waffle in America.  And I mean it.  Yeasty, fluffy, just barely chewy, with those big hunks of caramelized sugar pearls.  And that was the only sugar in this…the waffle was mostly savory with just sporadic hits of sweet.  and the spekuloos…
Gingerbread and peanut butter and graham crackers and LOVE. That’s what this tasted like!  Made out of crushed spekuloos cookies, this is the only place in  America that you can get the stuff!!  It is sweet, gently spicy, fragrant, indulgent, and nutty all at once…really, it is awesome stuff!
This is a great spot!  It is well priced, unique, and delicious.  And by the way…you can by a jar of the spekuloos to take home…and it is shockingly good all by itself on a spoon…um, i mean, I HEARD that it is good that way…and yes, my love of the stuff makes me a spekulator!
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  1. I feel like I saw this cart by Central Park the other day…and tragically passed it by not knowing what awesomeness it contained within it. Next time I will for sure be getting one. I need some waffley goodness in my life.

  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Joanne-and pleeeease try the spekuloos! Seriously amaaazing!

  3. ummm this sounds amazing!

  4. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Brett-um, YOU sound amazing!!! When can we play again!!??


  1. […] like game. It tastes far more savory than other foie preparations thanks to the very sweet, almost spekuloos-like graham cracker puree. It is a brilliant choice, because the sweetness of the puree mixed with […]