She’s a Small Wonder…

…and no, I am not referring to that cult fave TV show from the 1980’s about the little girl who was actually a robot.  What were the 1980’s, I ask you?  Such a weird time period…
I am referring to Julie Proios’ truly outstanding baked goods company, called Small Wonders Canadian Treats.  A Canadian expat in Upstate New York, Julie started the company to introduce Americans to her favorite Canadian sweets.  She uses all natural ingredients to produce such goodies as…butter tarts?  Nanaimo bars?  What the heck was this stuff?  After VERY kindly sending me some samples, I opened the box writhing with anticipation of these new sweets.
It was CHOCKED full of amazing looking cakes, tarts, and bars.  They all looked as if I had made them myself…if I was this good a baker…which clearly I am not.  The warm, rich scent of butter wafted out of the box.  And my sister, boyfriend, and I dug right in.  Here is my disclaimer-all of this stuff, absolutely ALL of it was OUTSTANDING.  I am reviewing a few of my personal faves, but you CAN NOT go wrong with ordering ANYTHING from this bakery…seriously.
That is the oatmeal blueberry cookie.  Entirely made from ingredients that I can pronounce, this cookie was everything you wanted an oatmeal cookie to be that it never was.  More a coffee cake in cookie texture than an actual cookie, this was moist, crisp edged, filled with soft and tart blueberries, hearty oats,and sweet with brown sugar.  No oatmeal cookie reaches the perfect balance between sweet and savory.  Oh yeah-except this one.  This one reaches it.  And exceeds it.
Becky agrees. Best oatmeal cookie we have ever had IN OUR LIVES.
Nanaimo bars….hmmm….how should I describe these?  How about cookie-brownie-frosting-chocolate-coconut bars from THE HEAVENS?!  These were THE BEST DESSERTS I HAVE RECEIVED TO REVIEW ON THIS BLOG, TO DATE! Seriously…amaaaaazing!  A crumbly, chocolaty, coconuty base-like an oreo almond joy. A cream cheese frosting middle layer, rich, sweet, and tender.  A thick chocolate top layer, deep and chocolaty.  This was a symphony of flavors and textures: smooth, crumbly, rich, sweet, slightly bitter, and just delicious.  I really cannot say enough about these nainamo bars…
…and the cherry one filled with sweet glaceed cherries is also amazing!
Travis can’t even believe how good they are!
And the famous Canadian Butter Tart.  This is the peanut butter chocolate variety, but we sampled the original and the chocolate caramel, too.
A light cookie crust, a pecan pie like filling with nutty peanut butter and chopped peanuts, and chocolate swirled throughout.
The taste test…
And by the next time I could stop Kyle to take a picture, the pie was already mostly decimated.  These butter tarts are so delicious.  Light, sweet, perfectly sized, with no cloyingly sweet, chemically aftertaste, because guess what…there are no chemicals in this!  This is really just a delicious dessert that would be at home after any fancy meal…or after school…or after a bad day…or right now…Why did we eat them all at ONCE?!?!
Julie is a first rate business owner and baker.  Not only does she make delicious, unique treats that are new to most Americans, but she is communicative with her buyers. sells for a fair price, and is concerned with how consumers like her product.  She is a one woman baking operation, and you can taste the care and passion in each of her products. I truly love this company and would recommend anyone visit their site and get some treats today!  Especially those Nainamo bars…and send them this way if you please!  After all, Julie truly is, a…you knew it was coming…”Small Wonder”


  1. Haha I used to love Small Wonder! I totally wanted to be her! Even if she was a robot.

    I've actually seen a few recipes for the Nainamo bars! Have been too scared to try it myself. Not because I think I'd fail (though it is a possibility), but because I'm afraid I'd eat all of them in one sitting.

  2. Your videos never fail to make me smile.

    This is such a great review! I need to get my hands on those nanaimo bars. Pronto.

  3. I always preferred Punky Brewster.

  4. whozyerdanny says:

    Gotta love those Canadians EH?

  5. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Diana-I used to want to be people in tv shows too! it's so weird but i used to think i WAS kerry russell when she was on the mickey mouse club…geeez…
    @Joanne-thanks chica! I can NOT recommend these bars enough! get them for SURE!
    @JustinM-to each his own, my friend. To each his own…
    @Whozyerdanny-Hahaha, yeah you do-love those maple trees up there too! 😉