Desserts and Dishing the Dirt

Afternoon tea is just NOT understood in this country.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have secretly WISHED on the fourth of July that we were still a colony to Great Britain, so we could have those cute little accents and afternoon tea…DAMN taxation without representation!  It ruined all the good stuff for the rest of us!  But for those afternoons when you have a little extra time to have a cup of coffee, a bit of gossip,  and a delightful sweet, Financier is just the place to indulge in this European tradition.
A mini-chain in NYC, Financier is a combination French patisserie/tea room that offers delicious pastries and light food at VERY reasonable prices.  They have a dynamite Croque Monsieur, and delicious coffee, and Kyle, Marmie, and I dropped by the William St. location to talk some smack about people we know…um, I mean, try some desserts…
The shop is casual and self service-or, rather, you order at a counter, then wait at a table for your hot food to arrive, or take your pastry selections with you when you pay.  The room seems small at first, but extends to a much larger seating area in the back.  It is extremely clean and manages to feel charming rather than cafeteria-like.
Marmie got the namesake financier. Similar to a madeleine in taste and texture, it was just lovely!  Tender and finely crumbed, it was moist within and just barely crunchy at the ends.  Each bite was saturated with butter and vanilla and tasted both sinful and light-what does THAT?!  This could only have been improved upon by adding a swipe of nutella, but then…what wouldn’t improve by addding a swipe of nutella, right?!
*Nerdy food fact alert: financiers are so named because that is the French word for “banker”, and bankers used to eat these for breakfast on their way to work because they were hand held and not messy! Okay, end of nerdy food fact*
I continued my macaron obsession by getting a lemon macaron.  Sadly, this was not amazing.  It was good, but the texture was a little soft and sticky-probably the result of sitting around for a little too long.  It just lacked that snap and crispness of a truly great macaron.  On the upside, it balanced sweet and tart, and the ganache was like lightly lemon flavored Oreo cream-and yes, that is a good thing!
All in all-what a great place!  The food is WAY better than the prices indicate, the atmosphere is adorable, and it’s not so well known that it is mobbed by people.  And when the sweets are this decadent, the only thing more evil is the gossip that accompanies it…not that I’ll ever tell what that was 😉
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  1. I love macaroons too, in all flavors and especially with chocolate!

  2. I have never been to financier which seems like a serious shame. That mousse is calling my name…

  3. You should also try Alice's Tea Cup for afternoon tea. Very quirky and the immensely long list of teas is worth it. The nibbles are pretty swell too.

  4. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Nirmala-ditto that! Pierre Herme makes an insanely delicious chocolate passionfruit one!
    @Joanne-and it's such a great deal, too!
    @Dee-thank you for the recommendation! I am going to check it out for sure! What tea do you like there?

  5. I love the Moroccan mint tea. And the scones aren't bad either.

  6. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Dee-thank you so much! Moroccan mint it is!