Donut Delights

Road trips are not all about fried shellfish, no they are not.  You need to balance that out with a healthy dose of fried DOUGH.  I really didn’t have any ideas on how to fulfill this part of the trip, so my sister took a stab in the dark and picked out this little shop:
This is what Fritos and Foie Gras faces look like when approaching dessert:

When we walked in, the comforting and alluring scents of sugar, maple, and butter enveloped us and acted as instant anti-depressants.  If they bottled the scent of donut shops, I SWEAR I would wear it as perfume!
  We  were greeted with rack upon rack of freshly fried donuts-do you see those little icicles dripping off the racks.  Um, they are ICING-CLES.  They are literally DRAPING their donuts in frosting here…how many ways can I say “yes, please?”.
Yeast donuts, cake donuts, old fashioned, fritters, cakes, and pastries of all sort lay warm from the oven just begging to be eaten.  Well, who were we to deny such sweet little desserts?  If they were to be eaten, it was we who would do the eating!  I’m selfless, I know.

As my sister put it “If it’s been around this long, it probably doesn’t suck”.  We are a rather eloquent family like that.

The apple fritter, freshly filled with apple filling.  It had the girth of a hubcap and the taste…

of NIRVANA! Tender, freshly fried dough filled with cinnamon and sugar coated apples and a sticky sweet glaze that was freshly applied.  The apple filling was tender and had that perfect sweet spicy ratio that apple pie filling has.  This was not like other apple fritters-it was different and it was superior.

We also tried an old fashioned.  Whereas the apple fritter was a light yeast donut, this was a cake donut-denser, heavier, richer.

and awesome.  It was more buttery than anything else, with just enough sweetness to remind you that this was a dessert and should NOT be consumed for breakfast every day (though every now and then, it makes a dandy way to start the day).  The inside was dense and thickly crumbed, and moist, while the outside was fried to a crusty golden brown simply drenched in sugary white icing that clung to the lips.  This was a donut to remember.

And my sister and dad tried the coffee cake.

From the look of joy on my dad’s face…the coffee cake was also a success.
What a hidden gem!  Not on any foodie website that I frequent, Beach Donuts is a delicious and special shop near Westport, Ct.  It is well priced, delicious, and a total gem.  And if you go…bring me back an apple fritter, would ya?