Newman’s for Me and You-mans!

What’s better than an insanely hot movie star who donates money to charity and runs an outstandingly delicious food company?  Oh yeah, an insanely hote movie star who donates money to charity and runs an outstandingly delicious ORGANIC food company!  Enter Newman’s Own Organics.  Started by the talented, kind, and, yes, insanely handsome late actor Paul Newman, and his daughter Nell, Newman’s Own Organics is now its’ own seperate company that is still commited to using organic, natural, and whole ingredients to make all sorts of delicious snacks!  They sent me an AWESOME array of goodies, and I thought that I would showcase a few of my faves.
Gee, do ya think I like tangerine licorice?
Sweet, soft, not too waxy, with a clean, fresh burst of tangerine towards the end.  Not as amazing as my favorite licorice, Darrel Lea, but still pretty awesome.  And it probably won’t kill me as fast either.
I ate half a pack in one night. Then hid the rest behind the dictionary in my bookcase.  True story.
Ginger Hermits! these are soft gingerbread cookies, as spicy as they are sweet, with huge plump raisins and a complex taste.  Like homemade gingerbread, this is a grown up version of a plain molassas cookie.These would be a wonderful compliment to a glass of mulled wine or ice cold milk.
Or your roomate’s mouth.  Whatevs.
Here’s the stuff!  A pretty blatant take off of another famous “o” cookies (imagine me smilling like a wiley gangster here), we got these in mint, original, and peanut butter.  While the filling is not quite as rich or creamy, the cookie itself is SO far superior to its’ predecessor.  More like hydrox cookies that oreos, these cookies are deeply, darkly, but not bitterly, chocolate.  These are a sweet, decadent, filling cookie.  The filling, while lacking in its’ slightly thin and diminished tezture and mouthfeel, did not lack in taste.  It was sweet  with a hit of mint that worked perfectly with the chocolate cookie.  These were perfect.
Yeah they were.
And the peanut butter version…
Same as above.  But instead of mint, there was a lightly peanut butter flavored interior. Nutty, slightly savory, totally delicious.  Only improved upon by dipping directly into creamy peanut butter.
Travis clearly found religion when he tried these cookies.
And to round it off we have the Champion Chip Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies.
These were totally wonderful!  Dairy free and yet SO decadently delicious!  Perfect in texture-crunchy but not crumbly-with an intense chocolate taste and smooth, sweet chips interspersed.  This was a perfect chocolate fix and their tiny size means you can eat 8 in a sitting.  I do.  Sometimes 12.
Newmans’ Own Organics make very delicious treats.  They are just versions of all the stuff I love made with stuff that won’t turn my skin radioactive in years to come. So check out Newman’s Own Organic, and check out A New Kind of Love…both fantastic tributes to the Paul Newman and his legacy!
(as is my musical tribute-to the tune of “Bigger Isn’t Better” from “Barnum”)


  1. I love Newman's Own for so many reasons. I didn't even realize they had an organic line. Which makes me love them even more.

    it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who hides food from myself.

  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Joanne-no you are definitely not! Nutella and teriyaki beef jerky get the same treatment!

  3. Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) says:

    i love the Peanut butter Newman O's so much. Now I want some!

  4. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Amanda-Could you imagine how insane they would be dipped in milk chocolate? I know…I am a sick, sick woman.