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I eat a lot of Thai food.  I know i do.  You guys might be kind of sick of seeing posts on Thai food on this blog, I could totally understand that.  So, if that is true, you should probably go to another blog-cause I ain’t changing, baby!  DAMN I love Thai food!!! It is cheap, it is exotic, I can always try something new and it is ALWAYS delicious!  I went to Room Service for some reliably delicious Thai fare in a really trendy and cute setting.
See what I mean?  There is a really cool, gaudy chandelier inside a modern glass cubicle.
And little statues.  The pics are blurry here, but you get the point…this is a trendy place, nice enough for a date, but cheap enough for a friend (DAMN I’m good!).
Onto the eats.  For an appetizer, we got the Larb- Minced chicken seasoned with herbs, mint leaves, scallion,
lemongrass, shallots and chili tossed in lime juice.  This was a good, if not outstanding version of the dish.  Acidic, juicy, salty, and sour with just a hint of spice from the chilis.  The veggies were all fresh and gently “cooked” by the dressing, and the chicken was herby and moist.  The lemongrass was an especially delicious addition here, adding a hit of freshness on the back of the palate.  Unfortunately, I missed ground rice powder here, which is used to give the chicken a unique, almost cornflour-like coating, and makes the dressing thicker for drinking up with a spoon at the end!  However, this was definitely a delicious starter-I’m just being picky, because…well… because I eat so much Thai food, I have to be! 😉
For my main, I got the Sautéed Chicken in a prik khing chili paste and Thai spices with lime leaves, string beans and bell peppers.  I got it because it said it was spicy.  What it didn’t say is that it was AWESOME!  Tender pieces of chicken with sweet bell peppers and flash sauteed string beans, coated in this ginger-y, pepper-y, garlic-y sauce that must have had nuts of some source, because I swear I tasted something like peanut butter in it!  This was not the fiery heat I feel from a great Pad Kee Mao, but rather a slow, low burn that built slowly enough to allow me to savor all the flavors.  Though I tend to favor pork, I was thrilled that I got chicken here, since the neutral chicken taste allowed the flavors of the prik khing to really shine.  More spicy than hot, and more intricate than anything, I cannot even TELL you how many points this hit on my tongue! i didn’t leave a scrap on my plate, I’ll tell you that much!  This is highly recommended for anyone who loves chilis, ginger, or LIFE!
And so was the restaurant!  Delicious, fast service, and INSANELY cheap-these dishes cost about $33 all together.  Due to the trendy atmosphere, loud music, and close set tables, this isn’t the place to propose or take your parents for a quiet meal, but it is the perfect place for a girls’ night out, a quick bite to eat at the bar, or to once again proclaim your love for the food of Thailand!
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  1. For the longest time I was anti-Thai restaurants, based on the three that I had been to most. The popular places in Pasadena are oily and bland, in my opinion. But then I went to Thai Town… wow. What amazing flavors. These dishes here – especially the sauteed chicken – look like something that I would enjoy.

  2. I could never get tired of Thai food. Never ever. And it's actually quite hard to find a good one here. I'll definitely be checking this place out!

  3. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @JustinM-so glad you found some great ones! I know LA is supposed to have some amazing Thai food-i moved so long ago I didn't even appreciate what I had then! You should definitely hit this place up when you come back to visit here!
    @Joanne-Clearly my sister from another mister! My favorite on 9th is still Pam Real Thai, but this is pretty great too

  4. When I come back you're making me grilled cheese sandwiches for every meal.

  5. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @JustinM-you bring the beer, i'll bring the sandwiches and it will basically be amazing