The Delicious Life

The last few weeks have had some delicious and random eats, so I thought today could be a quick recap of all the deliciousness:
random Japanese wafer cookie that tasted kinda like those cookies you used to get at Hebrew School break…not that great but impossible to eat less than 17.
My sister made a Trader Joe’s boxed gingerbread cake.  I suggested she add cranberries and cream cheese frosting.  I am a genius.  HIGHLY recommend this mix.

Delicious wings at the bar of Film Center Cafe.  Spicy but not searing, saucy, with strong blue cheese dressing and crisp veggies.  

Peanut Butter cookie from Once Upon a Tart.  Excellent.  Crisp, nutty, not too sweet, and plenty rich.  Would have been great with nutella spread on top!

Salsa tasting at Cafe Frida. Outstandingly delicious salsas, ranging from bright to smoky, from mild to HOTT!, and from tart to almost sweet and spicy.  Really a great selection, but too small a portion from the price.

Passionfruit martini from Kittichai.  Lovely surroundings, friendly bartender, fair prices.  And the drink?  Well, one more of them and I would have probably ended up with a tattoo saying “pad see eu” on my arm.  That strong. That good.
Pumpkin cake with cranberries and cream cheese frosting from Magnolia Bakery.  This was FAB!  Intensely pumpkin-y with cinnamon undertones, tender cranberries, and that sweet, rich frosting.  Really so outstanding.  I could not have improved upon it.  Moist, tender crumb.  Enough frosting.  GREAT combo of flavors! Ummm…did I say I came up with the idea for cranberry and cream cheese for my sister’s cake?  i meant Magnolia Bakery did.  😀

Malaysian food from Betel at the Malaysian Food Fest at Grand Central Terminal.  This fair was really fun!  Lots of little Malaysian bites for low prices, and shockingly not too crowded.  The wagyu braised beef was a huge hit with our crowd.  Star Anise, coriander, and other spices were stewed with this top grade beef until the protein melted on my tongue and warmed my belly.  I have never had Malaysian food before, but I will be going to Betel to try out a whole dinner there! 
Sasha clearly liked the beef.  But then, what red blooded American girl doesn’t like a good mouthful of beef?  You know what’s coming next: That’s what she said.
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  1. Your that's what she saids are so perfectly timed. Love it.

    I like the way you think with all of these cream cheese frostings and nutella modifications. I need you to come sit around my apartment and whisper these things in my ear.

  2. THAT IS WHAT I SAID…. oooooh now I'm famous… Ill take my money in cash… thanks

  3. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Joanne-it's the best form of foreplay. Wait till I start saying things like "bacon" and "triple creme cheese".
    @Sasheeta-putting it in the bank right now 🙂

  4. Rebecca's Jenny Journey says:

    that cake with the frosting looks extra delish…=)

    Nice cranberry touch.