You Know You Want This

It’s almost Thanksgiving.  I’m tapped out.  You know what happens when you are tapped out?  You get cake fails.
A cake should look like this.

we did this.

and this.

we even did this, just like Ina says to.

Added this stuff.

And put in food coloring, to make it look like…

this.  Pretty, right?

We followed instructions to make delicious this.

but no matter how hard we did this…

and this…

the cake insisted on coming out like this.  I didn’t grease it enough.  Yep, we can all point at me and laugh.  I deserve it.  BUT…

we still did this.

And this.

And no matter how we had to eat it…

when the company is THIS good, the cake is going to taste great!


  1. whozyerdanny says:

    A bad cake is never a fail…roll up little balls of cake, frost and roll in nuts or anything that compliments it. And you're right, good company makes any food good.

  2. Cake is about 10 percent presentation and 90 percent delicious-factor in my opinion. And I think this gets bonus points for the latter. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving babe!

  3. As long as it tastes good, that's really want matter.
    Besides, I hate really pretty cakes – too intimidating to eat, I'd rather eat a delicious one that looked like you could go at it freely.

  4. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @whozyerdanny-oh i love that idea of making them into balls! thanks!!
    @joanne-thanks chica!! hope you did too!!!
    @indie.tea-i agree!!! pretty cakes can be so scary!!