Arrancini-Ever Had Them?

Ever had arancini?  They are these breaded, fried balls of leftover rice that are filled with meats, cheeses, and/or veggies.  They are served steaming hot, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and when you reach the surprise in the middle, it is like discovering buried treasure!  I have enjoyed these at restaurants before, and my sister, mom, and I wanted to make them at home.  We loosely followed this recipe.
We took porcini and chanterelle mushrooms and an onion and diced them all very small, so they could fit into the rice balls.  Throw them into an olive oiled pan over medium low heat.
We also got some fabulous prosciutto ends and threw them into the pan with some thyme and pepper.  You will not need any salt because there is so much salt in the prosciutto.  I mean, you might like some more salt…but then you will be drinking water all night…

Toss the prosciutto into the pan and let it all gently sautee for about 25 minutes, or until the smell from the pan is enough to make you salivate from a mile away.
In the meantime, take some fresh buffalo mozzarella.  Look at it lovingly, as it if is your child.
But it doesn’t poop.
So it’s really even better than a child.

Dice it into small pieces.

When the onions are lightly golden and the prosciutto is browned, take the pan off the heat and let it rest until it’s room temperature.  THEN fold the mozzarella in – don’t do it earlier or the mozz will melt too quickly and become too gooey to work with.
Now take your leftover rice (we used short grain sushi rice), a couple of beaten eggs, and some Italian seasoned breadcrumbs.

Flatten a little rice in your and, put some filling in it (this was a cheese only rice ball), and roll the rice around the filling. 
 Add a little more rice if you need to – the filling must be completely covered but you don’t want the ball so big that it can’t cook evenly and heat the ingredients within.  Like all the best things in life, it’s a delicate balance.
Then roll the rice in egg followed by a dunk in the breadcrumbs, and voila!  This one turned out a little too large…

Pour some oil in your deep fat fryer or a heavy skillet.  You want the oil to come about halfway up the rice ball, and you want to get it SMOKING and RIPPLING…really hot.

Now put those babies in!  Let them sit a few minutes and brown before rotating them to get brown all over.  Don’t forget to turn the balls on their sides!

When they come out, drain them for a few moments, then crack into them immediately.

And when I say crack…that’s what these are.  Little fried balls of crack.  That seasoned, crispy outer shell.  The sticky, toothsome rice.  The melty cheese, savory mushrooms, and salty prosciutto.  This is awesome .  You really must try it.
And then you can say you have had arrancini.


  1. Sarah,

    Its kyle…..When did you make these and where was I….? this looks so flippin good!!!

    I want to eat a plate full

  2. I've had the Trader Joe's version, but I'm guessing yours are better. BTW, you won the nail polish. (Elizabeth actually drew my name first, believe it or not, but I didn't want it.)

  3. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Kyle-glad you approve! next time, I want to serve them with tomato and pesto sauces!
    @Justin-I would bet on the trader joe's version! I would LOVE to try those! And omg i'm SO PSYCHED about the nail polish!