Hannukah, pt.1

Seriously, who decided to have Hanukkah so close to Thanskgiving?  It was waaaay to close to have a truly awesome holiday party.  So rather than skip holding a Hanukkah party (PERISH the thought!), we just held it after the fact.  And forgot to light the candles one of the nights.  And eat bacon almost every day.  Whatever-we are CULTURAL Jews.
First up in this series of Hanukkah recipes is the decidedly Goyem Sweet and Sour Crockpot Meatballs.  This is a recipe that Marmie got from some retro cookbook or newspaper clipping when I was just a baby.  It is a party staple because it is cheap, easy, and universally enjoyed.
Just like me 🙂
1)Take one jar of Chili Sauce and 1/2 jar of Grape Jelly.  Must be chili sauce.  Must be grape jelly.  Brands do not matter.

2)Dump them into a crockpot.

3)Turn the crockpot on low so that the sauces begin to warm and meld together.

4)Take as much ground beef as you need(2 lbs is more than enough for 6 people, as an appetizer), Italian Style Breadcrumbs, and Lea and Perrins  Worcestershire sauce (thanks to Foodbuzz for that!)/

5)Mix the ground beef with about 1 cup of breadcrumbs (more if the beef will not hold together in balls) and a hefty glug of Worcestershire sauce. 

6)Start rolling balls and dumping them in the crockpot!

See how nice they look?

8)Leave the crockpot on medium , go to work, and in 8 hours time, the house will be filled with the MOST delicious sweet, savory, meaty smell.

The meatballs will be gently bobbing around in a thick, sweet, slightly spicy, tomatoey sauce that is a mixture of tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, and pure love.  The balls themselves will be dense and meaty, with just a touch of salt from the Worcestershire and a bit of spice from the seasoned breadcrumbs.

These babies could turn the president of PETA into a meat eater.  They are just SO addictive.  Serve these right in the crockpot, with a bowl of toothpicks on the side for procuring the meatballs.  Though these are great at parties, they are also amazing over mashed potatoes so you can sop up all of that sweet, spicy sauce. And PLEASE resist the urge to put any fresh herbs, expensive ingredients or fancy touches on this recipe.  NOOOO!  The beauty of this is the simplicity.  That’s where the gastronomic dignity of this dish lies-odd but true. This recipe is awesome.  As was the Hanukkah party.  Try them! 
Next up: What Am I, Chopped Livah? 


  1. Wow, those balls look better than your wieners yesterday.

    My grandmother's second husband was Jewish (my grandfather passed away 20 years before I was born, so I basically viewed her second husband as my grandfather), so I have a few Jewish "cousins" whom I used to be close to years ago (we've drifted apart as we've gotten older). They would come to our house for Christmas and sometimes I would go there for Hannukah, and they always had great meatballs… but these look better.

  2. How funny! My grandma passed a recipe down to me years ago…it's for a cocktail party appetizer, and it calls for one bottle of ketchup, one jar of grape jelly, and a package or two of those mini cocktail weenies. Mix the ketchup and jelly in a pot on the stove until it's warm, dump in the weenies to heat them up, serve hot with a bunch of toothpicks. 🙂

  3. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @JustinM-you are so lucky you got hanukkah and christmas! i hope you try these balls-they are really awesome…i have to find more ball and wiener jokes!
    @Kim-hahaha this sounds exactly like the meatballs!! If you don't think i am trying this, you are CRAZY! Of course i will give u full credit 😉

  4. I hope you do try it! I detest grape jelly, and I'm not like, ketchup's #1 fan or anything, but the combo is amazing. Slightly smoky, rich, delicious. Plus…cocktail weiners? AWESOME. Apparently there is another version of this using some sort of mustard and I think apricot jelly, but I cannot confirm at this time.

  5. OMG – I made that sauce for sausage bites for a feast of most horrible sounding recipes but this one actually tastes great! – you just cut up cooked sausages of your choice (we used Italian sweet) and let them simmer about 15 minutes. Poke 'em with picks and you're all set. (FYI – the main entree for that hysterical meal was crown roast of wieners…complete with ruffles. There really are published recipes for this. Truly.)

  6. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Kim-the weird thing is…I would totally make that other recipe too!!
    @Dee-I loooove the crown roast of wieners! Don't you just love random recipes like these??