Fortnum & Mason Sensation

Fortnum & Mason must be on any foodie’s itinerary while visiting London. It is like the Neiman Marcus of foods of London, in that it is pretentious, overpriced…and TOTALLY irresistible. It is housed in the most beautiful building and features wonderful food that you cannot get in the USA…come take a tour with me, won’t you?
The window displays are laden with antique and ornate banquet tables.
And recreate famous paintings in 3D form. These are simply exquisite window displays. 
Just like the ones at your local grocery store, right?
The best thing about travelling right after Christmas is that the displays are still up, but EVERYTHING Christmas related is on sale.
About 26 different types of honey, arranged in this dollhouse.
I KNEW I was never arranging honey the right way.
Gentleman’s Relish. This is basically an anchovy paste with different herbs and spices that is used as an ingredient in cooking or as a sandwich filling.
If you don’t think I bought this, this must be your first time reading this blog.
At first taste – WHEW! This stuff is FISHY and SALTY-like eating fish sauce, anchovy paste, and minced garlic straight up!  But I can absolutely see it mixed with cream cheese and served on a sandwich with tomatoes and cucumbers to an AWESOME effect.  I will keep you updated on my progress with this experiment.
I could not agree more.
There was a HUGE display of these…all on sale…I SO regret not buying one of these lovely veiny wheels! Just IMAGINE how incredible they would be with some juicy dried apricots and a fresh baguette.
Biltong is a South African sort of beef jerky.  Springbok is an African gazelle.  This was absolutely the most beautiful looking animal that I have ever eaten.
And it was great! More tender and less salty than American jerky, it was meaty, caramelized, and chewy in the most delicious way. It had no additives or chemicals and I would welcome this in the USA anytime!
SO MANY kinds of champagne that we cannot get in the US.
Fortnum & Mason was a freakin delight.  Next stop…where the commoners shop!
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  1. I love that the relish has an absurd name and sounds equal parts disgusting and delicious. What else in life hits that trinity? Twinkies, maybe? Spotted Dick, perhaps?

  2. Mmmmmm yum F&M! I have to say I love them too, but one let down was when I had afternoon tea at the restaurant upstairs. Totally average šŸ™ The springbok biltong – YUM!

  3. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @JustinM-TOTALLY spotted dick! Love that name so much!
    @Catty-oh how depressing! Especially since the rest of the store is beyond fabulous!