Guest Post: Long’s Donuts, Indianapolis

And now, a guest post by resident Fritos and Foie Gras Sweet Tooth, Kate:
Indianapolis, home of the Indy 500, The Colts, John Mellencamp and -originally – me. I haven’t lived in Indianapolis for several years, but I manage to make it there at least once a year to visit my abnormally large family, consisting of about 50- 70 people. (I’ve lost track due to the latest addition of great-great grandchildren). After so many years of visiting I developed all my “food hot spots”, but the place closest to my stomach, is Long’s Bakery. And every year I manage to make it to Southport Road to bring back rich homemade desserts to my grandma’s kitchen table.
As you can see Long’s makes a wide assortment of sugary treats, from wedding cakes…
to brownies.
However… THE BEST thing at Long’s Bakery will make the edges of your mouth greasy, and sugar that will flake off these hand held treats. They come in many shapes, flavors and classically will always have a big ole hole in the middle… that’s right folks, LONG’S FAMOUS DONUTS!

Long’s Bakery has the BEST donuts I have ever tasted in MY LIFE. Let me clarify that this statement carries a lot of weight, seeing that I am a hard core, freak of nature sugar addict, which is obvious when perusing the  pictures I captured while visiting the bakery. Frankly, I don’t even have a car while I an in Indiana, which means I have to pawn one off one of my 9 aunts just to get my fine self to Long’s! I mean, who else would so enthusiastically skip around a small, local bakery, camera in tow, making best friends with the drug dealer aka the bakers? Me – the girl who will try every pastry on this planet before I say sayonara. Their donuts are light, yet chewy and moist with lots ‘o buttah- their traditional glazed is by far my favorite, with the chocolate iced crème filled long john coming in a strong second place.
(Please note that I did in fact try every one of these donuts, in addition, I helped myself to 1 long john and 1 yeast glazed.. since they ARE my favorite.)
When I told the nice woman behind the counter “I am addicted to these donuts- I actually live in New York, but I have to make a pit stop here every time I am in Indy,” she laughed and said that wasn’t the first time she’s heard that story from a customer. Looks like I’m not the only sugar addict in town!
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  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @JustinM-hahahaha that's what she said!!!