I’m Nuts for Chock Full O’Nuts

When Chock Full o’Nuts reopened in NYC, you would have thought that the Messiah came for my father. He laughed, he wept, he praised the heavens and then took the family to worship at the alter.
Which, for our family, is a restaurant. 
Would you expect anything else?

Chock Full o’Nuts was just a brand of coffee to me, but when my dad was growing up on the East Coast, it was a chain of coffee shops that had donuts, coffee and assorted diner-type fare.

Their stores basically went out of business, but in 2010, the first lunch counter in almost 30 years opened righ tnext door to Eataly. It looked cute, comfortable, but not especially interesting.
What gives, Dad?
Than I tried the Chock Classic.

Dense, sweet, moist date and crunchy walnut-studded bread that was more like cake than bread surrounded a thick yet impossibly light schmear of rich cream cheese. This is so simple, it is almost embarrassing to dedicate a post to it. But it was so delicious that I HAD to!!! I am not a gal who loves a thick, cold brick of cream cheese on my bagel. But this was so incredibly delicious that I simply had to.
It was less of a sandwich than an assembled dessert. The bread bled into the cream cheese, creating one sweet, nutty, lucsious lunch/dessert hybrid. I actually wouldn’t add a thing to it…
Except my mouth.
That’s what she said.
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  1. When I was little my grandmother used to take me to Chock Full o' Nuts and this was her favorite sandwich. Me – I always got the chicken salad on rye…Whenever I think of this place it brings back wonderful memories of my grandma…So I understand your Dad…thanks for posting.

  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Dee-what a fantastic memory and a special comment! I know that my Dad used to go with his grandma, so you two have that in common.