Philip Marie Does Fine By Me

My love of brunch is nothing new. But this place is…to me at least.
Philip Marie is a little bistro in the west village that serves up a very well priced brunch menu.  It is casual, takes reservations, and is known for reliable food and some great specials. On the weekends, you can order a la carte OR an entree with an all-you-can drink mimosa special.
I occasionally feel as if I am missing out on the best deals in life by not being an alcoholic.

But I still did my best. I really don’t drink too much early in the day, but this Bloody Mary had a heck of a kick. Sinus clearing horseradish with a peppery bite and wonderful green olives as a garnish. The tomato juice was bright and sweet next to the bracing alcohol. And yes…the pour was generous. All I would need is one of these to be EXTREMELY friendly to people who do not know me.
I didn’t really want eggs this morning. Didn’t want pancakes. Nope…I wanted a fresh, light fruit plate…

With a side of bacon. Fruit, bacon and Bloody Marys hit the major food groups-fruity, fatty, fiery. That’s what I want in the morning., The fruit was extremely fresh and delicious, and while not inexpensive, it was a generous order. The bacon was FAB. Crispy, piping hot and overflowing. A swipe through some ketchup was all that the porcine goodness required. 
And, yes, eating oranges cancels out eating bacon.
Thanks for asking.
Maggie ordered the crabcakes Benedict, and thought I did not try any, I can vouch for the surprisingly great potatoes. Soft in some parts, crispy in others, with sauteed bell peppers and a smattering of nutty Parmesan cheese, they were a fabulous counterpart to both her eggs and my bacon-fruit extravaganza.
Philip Marie was great in its category. Is it winning awards or changing the way we eat? No. Is it a sweet, reliable spot with excellent prices and a laid back vibe?
And lets not forget…it covers my three major food groups.
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  1. I have always loathed brunch but I'm thinking maybe it's more that I hate the completely cliched, unimaginative California brunches that [women who are no longer a part of my life] have dragged me to.

    Chipotle pulled pork sliders with St. Andre? Are you f**king kidding me? Next time I'm in NYC I will give something like this a try to see if I have misjudged it.

  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Justin-i am shocked that you are considering changing your stance! By all means, nyc is the place to consider your conversion! 😉

  3. Well, it's not so much that I would be changing my mind, simply expanding my sample size. I would go from "hating brunch" to merely "hating brunch in California." It's not like I will ever stop hating that, because it's always sucked.