A Taste of Singapore

I love Singapore. The people are kind and outgoing, the weather rarely dips below 80 degrees, and the two national sports are shopping and eating.
Now, if America’s sports were shopping and eating, I could be a major league player.

Singaporeans have:

1) The BEST jerky ever, called Bakkwa. It is sweet, slightly spicy, fatty, soft and not oily at all. Like a pork bun in portable form. 
2)Black Pepper Crab. Spicy, garlicky, sticky sauce covering every crevice of sweet and briny crab, the best crab I have ever had. The wet naps come in handy here.
3)Pork buns. If I need to explain why these are awesome, you need to read my blog more.
And…oh yeah…buffets with these…
*Had amazing service, a beautiful room and fantastic food at the Mandarin Oriental in Singapore. Please stay there if you get the chance!*
Honeycomb for your tea.
Fresh fruits that cover an entire wall for your custom made smoothie delight.
Home baked breads. Okay, a lot of places have that, but do any of them have…
A make your own ramen bar, complete with house roasted Peking duck and handmade ramen noodles?
Didn’t think so. 
This buffet also had a full Indian section, a Chinese section, a roasted meats section and an American section. And this was just for BREAKFAST. 
Dinner brought out the big guns:
Piles of the freshest, sweetest lobster, crabs and oysters available.
All you could eat sashimi as delicious as could be.
And, of course, a make your own Belgian waffle/sundae/shave ice station.
I was excited to try the shaved ice with corn and red beans.
I didn’t take an after picture because I was gagging.
Pretty sure its’ an acquired taste.
Next time, I’m getting these suckers for dessert!


  1. I definitely do not like shaved ice.

  2. Those sound like the two best national sports EVER. God you have just made me so hungry. And I just ate lunch.

  3. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Hungry-the thing is, I love shaved ice! plain or with hawaiian style syrup, i am just crazy about it…with the beans, not so much.
    @Joanne-then, my day is complete.


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