Cascabel Taqueria’s Tasty Tongue Tacos

I love Mexican food. I live in New York. And I am not rich enough to eat at Dos Caminos every night. Occasionally, these three facts work against each other.
No more.
Cascabel Taqueria is a small, casual Mexican restaurant on the Upper East Side (otherwise known as the Land of Jewish Grandparents). They were not too crowded on Sunday for brunch, so an 11:30 am taco breakfast it was!

Relaxed, bright, super casual.

Loved the zippy, tangy tomatillo sauce. The Devil Fire sauce was a little too smoky for me.

You know what wasn’t too smoky? The creamy, fatty, gently spicy, cilantro laden guacamole with hot and not too salty freshly fired tostadas. HOT DAMN! The combination of slightly warm, corny chips with avocados just can’t be beat. I would put this guac up against any in NYC, and it is by far the cheapest I have tried. 

Pickled tomatillos, tomatoes and onions. Vinegary, tart, firm, with the faintest bite from the onions. Gentle but tangy. Could have drank the brine.
In fact…did drink the brine.
Don’t judge.

The Lengua tacos-braised veal tongue / spring onion / garlic oil / serrano chili. I have never had tongue before and this. was. AMAZING!!!  Think the meaty, hefty taste of beef brisket with the incredibly soft texture of long braised short ribs cross bred with the fatty, unctuous taste of marrow. It was just so tender, beefy and delicious. I could imagine this stewed in red wine over polenta, but don’t know if it would be better than the lightly spicy and garlicky way it was served here. In two soft corn tortillas, with a dollop of that creamy and herby guacamole…that, my friends, is LOVE!

Oh…you are scared to try tongue? Does it gross you out?

Have you ever eaten a hot dog? Or a McNugget? Or, for that matter…airplane food?

Yeah, I rest my case.

Quick, delicious, incredibly cheap?  With a full bar?  The only complaints I have is that it is not located closer to me. 

Although, for my pants size…that might actually be a good thing. Because I could eat here every day.

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