Jewel Bako is a Gem

Truly fine sushi is always revelatory. No matter how many times I have had an amazingly fresh piece of fish on expertly crafted sushi rice, it is always the clean, bright, harmonic textures and tastes that appeal to me most. And now, a pictorial journey through Jewel Bako:
Unassuming, clean, tiny. 

Modern, elegant, relaxed.

Fresh wasabi – spicy, creamy, heat filled in a way that powdered wasabi never is.

Spanish mackerel amuse bouche. Warm, slightly smoky, pleasingly oily, tender as could be.

Maine Saltwater Uni. Creamy, tastes of the ocean, slightly funky. Delicious.

Sayori-needlefish. Light, soft, incredibly mild. Melted into the barely-warm rice in the most delicious way. Enlivened by scallions.

Japanese red snapper. Hearty, tender, almost meaty. More like beef than fish. A bit of peppery wasabi, and I was in my element.

Japanese Snow Crab with Avocado Roll. Sweet, thick, luscious crab meat. Velvety, fatty avocado. Nutty nori and soft rice. No mayo needed in this California roll. Like the most insanely good crab salad. Ever. Almost my favorite dish of the night.

Santa Barbara Uni. firmer, less seafood-tasting than the Maine Uni. Creamy but not liquid. My favorite uni of the night, with a dab of wasabi tempering out the sweet, rich taste of the uni.

Green tea ice cream sandwich. The cookies and sauce were wonderfully chocolatey. The green tea ice cream tasted like hay to me. But then…all green tea tastes like hay to me.
Jewel Bako is not my favorite sushi place in the city – that honor rests squarely on the shoulders of Sushi Yasuda, where the rice and selection of fish is (I find) superior. But the fresh fish, kind staff, and most sublime snow crab roll, this is a delicious, albeit pricey, restaurant.
Now I intend to go right back to being verbose.
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