The Social Table Cooking Class

I’m about to rock the very foundation of your beliefs:
I don’t know everything.

It’s true, even and especially regarding cooking. everything I make and how I make it is stuff I have seen on tv, read about or cobbled together with my mom’s help. I have no formal training and most of my knives come from Ikea.
I don’t think Mario Batali shops there for his cutlery.

So, this week, I attended a cooking class at The Social Table. For 80 bucks, you get dinner, dessert and a whole cooking class.
And it’s BYOB.
It’s amazing how much WORSE I cut when I am tipsy…
The teacher, Rebecca Goldfarb was pretty awesome. She was obviously well trained, knowledgeable and talented, but was SO laid back, patient and possibly the funniest chick I have met since Jack from Will and Grace.
Oh, right, I’ve never met Jack. And he isn’t a chick.
Suffice to say – Rebecca makes the class pretty freakin fun. And she started the class out with truffle oil and Parmesan popcorn.
I didn’t even KNOW you could get popcorn anywhere but those microwaveable bags.
I was taught how to properly cut veggies – you want to hold the knife near the base and also try to slide the knife forward as you cut, not drag it back. Do it in a rocking motion so you don’t have to come up and down each time.
That’s what she said.
I learned that if you roast beets – just plain, without any oil or anything – and then once they are cool, rub them with a paper towel, the skin comes right off.

I learned that if you slide dental floss underneath a log of goat cheese, then criss-cross the floss over the log, you get these really perfect little discs of goat cheese that are just perfect for frying.
And…I learned how to make the world’s most awesome chocolate pots de creme.
1)While the oven was preheating at 325 degrees, we put 6 egg yolks and…
3 Tbs. of sugar into a bowl and whisked them lightly until they were combined.

2)We heated 2 cups of whipping cream, 4 ounces of chopped bittersweet chocolate and 1 tsp. of instant espresso over medium heat, whisking until it was entirely combined. This is an important step – if it isn’t all combined, it will make for lumpy pots de creme.
And “lumpy” really isn’t a word you want to see on a menu.

3)When the chocolate was all smooth, we SLOWLY added the eggs to the chocolate in a thin, steady stream. Don’t do it too quickly or the eggs will scramble. Don’t try tempering it or the eggs will scramble. Basically…do it this way, or the eggs will scramble.
4)We then put the mixtures into small ramekins and popped them onto a roasting pan half filled with water. That’s so the steam from the water will gently cook the mixture and let it become a smooth pudding instead of a hard cracked…mess. 25 minutes later…

They looked like this! Firm, but not hard, and still jiggly in the middle.
We then had to wait while it chilled in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
Truth be told, I would have eaten them hot.

But we did have a delicious salad with that grassy, crunchy, melty fried goat cheese and those insanely sweet roasted beets.

And we had some outstanding beef stew and THE BEST MASHED POTATOES I have ever had in my LIFE.
Gruyere cheese and eggs improve anything infinitely.
But then…at long last…dessert time. With freshly whipped cream.

Have you ever heard angels sing and rainbows appear at the exact same time that a bluebird flitted over to you and perched on your finger like you were Snow White?
Well, that is just what this dessert tastes like.
Creamy, deep, rich, smooth, more chocolaty than actually sweet. Intensely satisfying and seductive.
If I go any further, the blog may get a little too R-rated.
What a GREAT freakin class! The teacher was a blast, the food was delicious and I learned a LOT. I would definitely go back for another class to learn some more recipes and techniques.
And to live for the day that I can actually say I know everything.
Who am I kidding? I’m just going to say that anyway.
*Recipe courtesy of The Social Table*


  1. What an amazing class! Such fantastic recipes!

  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Kim-omg it was the most fun class! AND – she is from Sherman Oaks!!!!! How weird is that????

  3. Totally weird! Small world!