A Bloody Good Time at Billy’s Bakery and Other Places

There are some bloody good food things going on right now:
1)The bloody good Frito pie at Cowgirl.
Fritos topped with hearty steak chili, cool sour cream, sharp cheddar cheese and spicy jalapenos. The chips sink into a molten, salty, corny base for the hearty chili, tangy cheese, smooth sour cream and kicky pickled jalapeños.
Must I say any more?
2)The bloody good cauliflower pie at Grandaisy.
Delicate, holey, flourey base topped with hearty, toothsome cauliflower and salty, nutty Pecorino Romano cheese. The cauliflower was as hearty and creamy as a portato, but richer, and with that aromatic, cabbage-y taste that only califlower has. A total ode to cauliflower and how totally transformative it is to a simple piece of awesome bread. 
3)The bloody good Steak Sandwich at Breeze.
Juicy, tender steak on a crusty baguette with sweet carrots, spicy radish and herby, creamy cilantro mayonnaise. All for well under $10. AND there is a lightly greasy but still crispy spring roll. Any questions? Didn’t think so
4)The Bloody Good Red Velvet Cupcake from Billy’s Bakery.
I’m a sucker for red velvet cake. Good, bad or other wise, if it is chocolaty, dense and covered in rich, sweet, tangy cream cheese icing, I’m there.
And I was SO there.
And for even more bloody good eats…check out this article I did.
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Cause that’s the kind of bloody blogger I am.
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  1. Hell, I could just eat a tomato or avocado… I'm less comfortable with that than any of those blood items in your article.

  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Justin-hahaha and what if I served you tomatoes at BRUNCH? 😉 LOL