Chinese Mirch – Fusion Flare

Chinese Mirch is unusual. It is a strand of Chinese cuisine that is fused with Indian flavors. 
I like Chinese food.
I like Indian food.
Did I like Chinese Mirch?
I liked how casual but still elegant it looked.

I liked the soy, samabl olek and pickled chilis at the table.

I mean, I REALLY liked those pickled chilis. Tangy, crisp, and spicy enough to bring a tear to my eye, but not incendiary enough to make me cry. Perfect.

Gobi Manchurian – cauliflower florets tossed in fresh ginger, 
garlic, onion seasoning.
Well, this is just the BEST DAMN CAULIFLOWER ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. And I know, because I have tried almost every cauliflower on the face of the planet. Perfectly coked cauliflower, tender but not mushy, with a crisp, greasless exterior, laced with sweet onions, bracing ginger and the spiciest chilis imaginable. A bit of fragrant cilantro added an almost gentle freshness to it. The amazing thing is how unsalty this was – there was nothing heavy or sodium laden about it. It was just crispy, tender, spicy, herby goodness. I liked it.
 Honestly…my dining mate, Sarah, almost wouldn’t let me order this, because she “doesn’t like cauliflower.”
Well then how come, after she tasted it, she offered to PAY me if she could take the extra cauliflower home???
Don’t worry…I totally made her pay me for 

Chicken lollipop, spicy pulled back winglets .
These were like less salty versions of Bon Chon. Crisp, fatty, juicy, with spicy and sweet sauces for dipping. Not too spicy for those who don’t like heat, and for those who do, those pickled chilis really enhance the chicken’s natural sweetness and taste. 
I liked them. 

Mirch 65 – chicken spiked with curry leaves and red hot chilies.
Now, this got the spiciest level of heat warning on the menu…I was really expecting to have my face blown off. But…meh. It was good, don’t get me wrong – tender chicken, sweet peppers and caramelized onions. IT was salty with soy, pungent with garlic and fragrant with curry leaves. But did you see what I was missing there? HEAT. That lip blistering, brow sweating, I think I am going to die right here HEAT! 
So…even though I liked it…for the purposes of this review…
I didn’t like it.
But, see, I hate to end the review that way! Because, really, I did like the restaurant! The chicken wings were delicious and the cauliflower BLEW my MIND. Even the chicken was really quite good, just not quite what I wanted. I like Chinese Mirch enough to go back and try something else – making sure it is REALLY spicy.
Because, when it comes to Chinese Mirch…
I like it! 
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  1. YUMMMMMY i want to eat there very badly!

  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Kyle-oh we will go there, and we will be getting LOTS of that cauliflower!!