Eatery’s Neighborhood Noshes

Eatery is one of those neighborhood restaurants. Fair prices, eclectic food, bustling and trendy atmosphere.
It might not sound like much, but the whole is way greater than the sum of its parts. Isn’t that the way it often is with standby, favorite restaurants?
 The interior is simple, casual and crowded, but not uncomfortably so. More like you are all at an incredibly busy and fun dinner party. The kind of party where you wear really nice clothes and end up taking your shoes off 15 minutes into the party so you can really enjoy yourself.
The best kind of party.
 Each meal starts with a basket of these incredibly addictive rice chips. They look like shrimp chips, but they are not. They are these sweet and salty chips with the funny texture of shrimp chips that are crunchy but immediately “fizz” and dissolve on your tongue. The black sesame seeds added a nutty richness to the light and sugary/salty chips. Perfect to whet the appetite.
Tempura Calamari: with Hijiki, Fresh Mango and White Ponzu Sauce.
Please note that I promptly spilled the white ponzu sauce-that isn’t grease. What it is is the most lightly acidic, gently sour, tart and just barely sweet dipping sauce imaginable. Light, multifaceted, and LOADED with that umami flavor that I crave. The calamari was crisp and almost greaseless in a batter that seemed more like a beer batter for fish and chips than tempura. It was not thick, bu tit was remarkably puffy and crispy at the same time. The squid was mild and tender, and the mango chunks added a fresh sweetness that rounded out the dish.

The hijiki looked, felt and tasted JUST like boogers.
I ate around them.
Eatery is just a swell place to eat. Quick, service, huge menu, great prices. And the food is really delish. What more could you want in a neighborhood restaurant?
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