POM Wonderful Wonderful Braised Greens

When Pom Wonderful offered to send me some juice to cook with, I wasn’t a fool.
I said YES!
But, I didn’t want to make some pomegranate dessert. Everyone does that.
And I didn’t want to make some pomegranate cocktail. Because the likelihood of me getting a wee bit too happy on Prosecco while trying to concoct the perfect cocktail recipe was…high.
I got inspiration from Matt to braise greens in the pomegranate juice.

First, plug up your sink and wash all those greens. Dandelion greens, kale, mustard greens, collard greens, chard…whatever floats your boat. Just dump them in a sink full of cold water and get them CLEAN.
Then chop them up

And dump them in a skillet on medium high heat.

Don’t forget to toss in that pomegranate juice! You want to throw in enough to come about a third of the way up the veggies.

At first, the greens are way too bulky to put them all in at once. That’s why you cover the pot for awhile and wait till the veggies wilt.

When they wilt enough, you toss in some more.
Now you can leave the lid off, since the juice is boiling and the leaves are wilting nicely.

Now is when you toss some chicken broth in there. Be SURE to do this. You could use water or veggie broth too, but you need something to dilute the pomegranate, which boils down to a very tart and flavorful glaze.
But it can get a little too tart if you don’t dilute it.
You don’t want to look like you’re sucking a lemon, you know?
In about 30 minutes, your kale should look like this

And that’s when you add the za’atar.

And continue boiling the greens until the sauce gets syrupy and the house smells sweet and savory. You can boil it as long as you want, but it shouldn’t take more than 15 more minutes, tops. Don’t worry, the green’s won’t get mushy. These babies really retain their texture and the flavor just develops more and more.

And talking about flavor..WOW! This is perfect for someone who thinks they don’t like veggies. It is sweet, it is savory and it is delish. The pomegranate makes an incredibly sweet and tart glaze, and the greens take on that sweetness. The greens’ natural mineral taste and earthy flavor blends with the wholesome chicken broth to temper the juice’s sweetness, and the za’atar adds this citrusy, savory, nutty zest to the whole dish.

And THAT’S how you get creative with POM Wonderful!


  1. Can you please make this for me?

    Thanks xo

  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Sarah-but of course DAHLING!

  3. Mmmmmmmmm. YUM.

  4. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Dee-thanks! I thought so too 😉