A Local and Delightful Breakfast at the Hob Knob

When breakfast is included in the price of your hotel, it is really a shame not to take advantage of it. When the breakfast includes local and organic foods prepared to order, it is a SIN not to take advantage of it.
The Hob Knob bed and breakfast, a lovely small hotel in the heart of Edgartown, combined luxury with country warmth, and this showed in the lavish breakfast offered every morning.
The BEST grapefruit I have EVER eaten! Usually, grapefruits have an unpleasantly bitter edge to me, but this was incredibly sweet and bright, with none of the harsh taste I usually associate with grapefruits. I don’t know if they pumped this full of sugar or WHAT, but whatever they did, it was worth it! So incredibly delightful. There was also a very fresh, albeit less thrilling fruit salad.
Sorry, fruit salad, only the thrilling food gets photographed here.

Still warm from the oven blueberry-ginger scones. Buttery and almost impossibly light, this escaped the trap that so many scones fall into – being too dense or too sweet. This had a small, but not tight, crumb, which allowed it to be fluffy rather than leaden. Really remarkable. It was also not overly sweetened, and the juicy blueberries and slightly spicy chunks of candied ginger brought the necessary sweetness to the dish without making it a sugary overload. A smear of unsalted butter was all that was needed to bring this truly fantastic scone to the next level.
If that doesn’t make you swoon, you have a cold and unloving heart.
Soft boiled eggs, sourdough bread and thick cut, crispy bacon that was so incredibly porky that I almost wept with joy. It is so hard to get really thick cut bacon cooked perfectly, but this was simultaneously meaty and delicately crispy.
And that egg…
Oh, that egg. Procured from the Farm Institute up the road, it was local, organic, ethically produced and BEYOND delicious. The yolk was positively neon yellow, and the white was cooked just until it set, so it was velvety and smooth next to the thick viscosity of the runny yolk. Eggs are just so satisfying when they are really good eggs cooked really well, and this one really fit the bill.
My sister’s main dish of Eggs Benedict was none too shabby either.
If you have a chance, get yourself over to the Hob Knob. It is family owned and run, is eco-friendly, and is incredibly homey. Though they are quite expensive in season, off season their rooms are a steal! And any time, their breakfasts are affairs to remember.


  1. Hey girl! I love your New England road trip! It was so, so fun meeting you last weekend. We should all have a reunion and have some foodie adventures. In the meantime…I'm from RI…one possible fun off-the-beaten-track stop for the way back from the Cape: Allie's Donuts. http://www.roadfood.com/Reviews/Overview.aspx?RefID=62

  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Celia-omg I wish I knew to ask you that ahead of time!!! Yes we MUST have a foodie reunion!!!