Candied Nuts – Keeping Passover Awesome

Being Jewish has many great connotations. Intelligence, sense of humor, athletic ability…was I able to slip that last one by ya?
One of those great connotations is not, unfortunately, the 8 days of Passover. Most people who aren’t Jewish seem to view it as a tedious and obnoxious chore where the Chosen People must go without the Chosen Carb (bread) for over a week. No sandwiches?? No pizza? And we have to eat CARDBOARD??? (some call it matzoh, but they are naive or idiots. It looks and tastes just like cardboard).
But I see it as a challenge. An invitation to make new and delicious things to satisfy my hunger when I can’t have a cookie or a quesadilla.
This is the PERFECT time to indulge in French fries, steaks and…might I add…
Candied Nuts?
Just put 3/4 a cup of sugar and 1/2 a cup of water in a pot over high heat. Make sure the water touches all of the sugar.
Then dump in a pound of  nuts. Pecans work well here, but I love the way that walnuts taste here -they are meatier and have enough savory taste to offset the sugar.
Now stir the mixture over high heat. 
Keep stirring as it thickens. Don’t stop or it will burn. 
And yes, kids…if you French Kiss each other, your hair WILL FALL OUT
One of those things is actually true. Up to you to decipher which is which.
The water will eventually evaporate, and you will be left with glossy, shiny walnuts, but don’t stop here! Keep stirring for a few moments until…
Aah…The sugar starts to crystallize on the nuts in small clumps, the nuts turn from glossy to matte and the room begins to smell of caramel that is JUST starting to get its deliciously bitter edge.
Now turn off the heat and toss the nuts onto nonstick foil to cool, in a single layer.
Wait for them to cool until you try them, unless you actually have an asbestos tongue.
In about 10 minutes, take a taste.
Sweet, fatty, nutty, caramel-y goodness that is as good on vanilla ice cream as it is in granola as it is out of hand. I love to put it in a salad with red wine vinaigrette, red oak lettuce, shaved red onions, blue cheese crumbles and sliced granny smith apples.
But, I’m kinda gangsta.
I mean…look at how awesome I just made Passover?


  1. BigAppleNosh says:

    YUM. Those street nut-vendors can't even compare!!

  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @BigAppleNosh-so true! Although…honestly…I love those too!!! I am just a candied-nuts whore!!