Napa and Company: A Perfect Breakfast in Stamford

Another day, another road trip.
This time, up to Martha’s Vineyard, to research an article. But on the way up…
We stopped for breakfast at Napa and Company, a restaurant inside of a Marriott.
There were a couple of things wrong with this situation:
1)It was a little fancy for my tastes
2)It was a hotel restaurant
3)We were in Connecticut and not eating a meal even remotely involved with lobster or Frank Pepe pizza? What kind of a cruel joke WAS this???
BUT…Marmie had been to this place before and swore that it served a fab breakfast.
And my sister said that I was being the Dining Nazi.
She was kind of right…I DID make everyone swear their allegiance to me and my dining plan before we left the apartment.
So, in a desire to be accommodating and less Hitler-like, I let the ladies choose breakfast.
As I walked into the very nice space, I couldn’t help feeling like a road trip fraud.

It was dark and a little swanky.

There was a wall of expensive wines for heaven’s sake! How the heck can I eat fancy and probably soul-less food on a ROAD trip???
Then I tasted the food.
The Napa Breki – 2 Sunny Side-Up Eggs, Charred Tomatoes, Field Mushrooms, Peas, Sugardale Farm Bacon and Sausage.

Wow. There was nothing amazing or different about this breakfast except that it was made perfectly. The eggs were just BARELY set, so they were totally opaque among the whites but still gloriously gooey in the center, without a hard or burned edge among those lovely eggs. The mushrooms were earthy, meaty and woodsy, and the sausage and bacon were sweet, smoky and TOTALLY porky. The peas added a welcome hit of freshness, and played so well off of the rich, creamy eggs. The just burst under my teeth, invading my mouth with their sweet green taste. And the tomatoes. OH THOSE TOMATOES! Less charred, more confited, they were sweet and tart umami bombs. Instead of being chewy or harsh, they were these soft, tomato pillows that were all flavor without any of the sometimes over oily or salty residual tastes that sun dried tomatoes so often have. Really reminded me of summer.
Breakfast Sandwich with Chorizo and Charred Tomato Omelet and Romesco Sauce.

This is your standard breakfast sandwich from your local bodega, if your local bodega was in Spain, and the owner raised his own pigs in the backyard. 
Soft, holey bread that resembled ciabatta but with a more supple crust, cradled a fluffy omelette with garlicky, spicy chorizo and those wonderfully sweet charred tomatoes. The chorizo was zesty, peppery, and dripped fabulously fatty orange oil all over the egg and bread. And the romesco sauce was nutty with almonds, sweet with red peppers and creamy with olive oil. It’s inherent mild flavor was boosted by that flavorful chorizo and the juicy tomatoes.
Pretty much, I could eat this sandwich 3 times a day.
And I am SO glad that I gave up the foodie reins for a meal! In my effort to always eat indigenous and perfectly appropriate food, I sometimes forget that I need to look in the OTHER direction – nicer places can also be unexpectedly delicious, and chain hotels can offer wonderful food at a fabulous value. I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone looking for a well made and unusual breakfast in Stamford.
And…other than that meal…I became the Food Nazi again for the rest of the trip.
So fall in line or get out of the way.
Because these are:
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  1. "Quahog Chronicles" – can't wait to read all of the adventures! xo

  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Sarah-it would only have been improved with my SOULMATE there!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    While you're still basking in the great breakfast, here's a tip: Napa is neither Marriott owned or operated. Local owner, dedication to outstanding preparation of amazingly sourced foods–it's a winning combination those of us in Stamford have enjoyed in Mary's each successive restaurant venture. Good to get outside one's comfort zone, and assumptions, every now and again.

  4. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Anon – you are so right! I really had an AMAZING meal, and appreciate the tip that it is not Marriott owned or operated! Thanks so much!!