Zigolini’s Pizza – Wood-Fired Pizza in Midtown NYC

Midtown has a couple of great pizza places – but most of them are nontraditional. They are delicious and craveable, but sometimes you don’t want a blue cheese-buffalo chicken pizza on gluten free cornmeal spelt crust, you know?
That’s what I was NOT in the mood for when I headed to Zigolini’s for lunch. I felt like plain old pizza today  -that perfect blending of dairy, veggie and bread that would leave me satisfied and comforted. Zigolini’s is a pizza-wine bar that has branches downtown and uptown, the specialize in wood fired pizzas and wine.
The midtown location is a long, narrow building with minimalist decor and that huge oven in the back. Very relaxed, but still nice enough to take your mom for lunch.
Or have her take you. Go on, it feels GREAT to be a mooch, especially when you feel like some classic pizza.
The bread is worth mention. Fluffy, chewy, nutty pizza dough topped with olive oil and some sweet caramelized onions.  I love pizza dough – I am one of those people that hoards other peoples’ crusts like they are pots of gold and I am a leprechaun – so this was a hell of a winning situation for me. 
The Caesar Salad was less so. The romaine was fresh and crunchy, but the dressing was extremely bland. Too creamy, not at all lemony, garlicky or peppery enough. It tasted like it was mostly mayonnaise with a bit of Parmesan. Not horrible, but not what I want in a Caesar.
The Margherita di Burrata with Tomato Sauce, Basil and Burrata di Buffalo DOC. DOC means that this cheese is from a certain region of Italy – basically it is the real deal. So, was this pizza the real deal? Was it everything I wanted and craved?

Well…yes, and no. It had thin crust that was chewy and a bit floppy rather than crispy, but that was because it was so thin. The sauce was PERFECTION – just sweet, tart tomatoes and the taste of sweet basil at the end of the bite. The cheese was much smoother and creamier than standard mozzarella, but with the same stringiness that makes mozz so great. It was really just what you might say you look for in a pizza, if you were asked. The flavors were copacetic and fresh…
The char wasn’t as dark as I like it, but it wasn’t bad….
But…as Marmie said…this was kind of the “un-pizza.” As it – SO light, SO pure that it kind of left us…hungry for more. Not unsatisfied but…not really fulfilling of our pizza cravings either. You desire that pool of grease sitting on the top of the pizza. You love those zesty tastes of oregano in your sauce. You kind of WANT that slightly bloated feeling after pizza. 
Well…I do.
So would I go back to Zigolini’s? I would, but only for a light snack with friends. The price was right, the staff was great, and the pizza was just what traditional pizza should be, on paper, but in reality…I need some more oomph to my za! I want it to have a crunchy, carby crust! I want a little oregano in my crust! And for the love of all that is holy, let’s LOAD that baby down with cheese!
And maybe next time, I should just give in and try topping my pie with buffalo chicken and blue cheese.
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  1. That should be a whole new category – "wine bar pizza." I've had too many "pizzas" lately that were nothing more than pita bread with a few toppings on it. And all of them were at wine bars. Not that I mind a snack like that but can we stop calling them pizzas?

  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @JustinM-so true! Actually, that is just how I felt about this pizza!!
    @A-Tooch-And THERE ya go! Something else I NEVER knew even existed!

  3. Have you been to Motorino? My fav thin crust pizza! Let's go on a #soulmate date there xo

  4. I'm not a soulmate but I do live directly above Motorino so maybe I can joinnn? 🙂


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