Philadelphia Food Giveaway and Music Video!

Alright, enough with the niceties, people! Let’s just jump right into this post: 
The Philadelphia Tourism Council sent me this AWESOME package of locally made and grown foods to try! I mean, a package of Tastykakes this ain’t. These are foods and products from artisans who use organic, natural and/or local ingredients to make food the way that it should taste: simple and showcasing the perfection of its raw ingredients. 
 The pasta from Severino and Stepped in What tomato sauce, which is made with sustainable farming practices. 
 The rigatoni were exemplary – once again reminding me how you get what you pay for. This was nothing like the limp, overly doughy pasta I often buy for $1 on clearance. This was hearty but not doughy, tender but not gluey, and actually TASTED like something. It was really pretty great on its own, even before the sauce.
 Which was not like a standard tomato sauce. Far sweeter and purely tomato tasting than regular sauce, I personally missed the zip of oregano and spice of red pepper flakes. For me, it was just too sweet, bordering on ketchup-y. But my mother, who has a much bigger sweet tooth than I, LOVED this and inhaled it!
 This Maidenhead Cheese, from Cherry Grove farm was much more up my alley. Nutty and slightly creamy, like Gouda, it also had the tang of cheddar. Really perfect paired with pears and honey mustard on a sandwich or served with candied apricots and cherries for dessert.
Or just eaten plain…Whatevs. 
The best part of this package was that it is the subject of my first Fritos and Foie Gras Giveaway! Just leave a comment below and you could be the lucky recipient of:
1 jar Tait Farm Blackberry Jam AND
1 bar John &Kira’s Mighty Mint Urban Garden Chocolate Bar
I hope you all appreciate that I did NOT eat that chocolate bar even though I LOVE mint and chocolate. What can I say, I’m a giver.
So, leave a comment! The winner will be announced next week!
Also…here is my personal thanks to the Philadelphia Tourism Board, via a little someone I like to call Miss Katy Perry:


  1. How could anyone possibly pass up the chance for free delicious foods? I'm down for it!

  2. MegRuth says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Sung to the tune "Sit Down John" from 1776

    Good job, Sarah
    Good job , Sarah
    Makes me want to eat those treats

    Someone gotta be the first to win this
    It's 90 degrees but who cares with these treats
    They are all from Philadelphia !

    submitted by;
    Marsha, the Other, Bagwell

  4. I obvi want to win this, but I am super sad you already ate the cheese 😉

    I love love love all of your songs. You provide so much entertainment for me on a gloomy day xo

  5. JustinM says:

    You know how I feel about chocolate? That's how Elizabeth feels about honey. I can literally make her throw up if I talk about it enough. (Am I a catch or what?)

    So I will leave a comment but if I win, please choose again.

  6. Hatsie Haley says:

    honey, jam and chocolate? Sign me up!

  7. jen @ one curly fry says:

    Count me in 🙂

  8. You had me at honey… and sealed the deal with jam! I'm in!

  9. Rosemarie says:

    What a great blog! VisitPhilly just tweeted your offer and now I'm hooked. AND I promise to share the honey and jam with my kid whose blog is, even though he never shares the good stuff with his sisters. (What? No, I would not share John & Kira's. Chocolate is not up for discussion.)

  10. AHAHAHAHA! Your song cracked me up.

  11. I've always wanted to try John & Kira chocolates. And the honey and the jam sound great–think blackberries have lots of antioxidants.

  12. Michael says:

    LOVE your voice & you're so beautiful inside & out! Can't wait to meet you 1 day!! I'm leaving for Philly tomorrow w/Mike on a bus tour, we've never been, so what a coincidence! Honey, jam & chocolate are such fun to eat: HONEY in my tea, JAM with my peanut butter & CHOCOLATE with a nice hot cup of coffee!
    Whee! From MareBare oxo
    Sorry had to type this on Mike's acct!

  13. MareBare says:

    Ooops, here I am! Great job on your blog, Sarah!! Love MareBare oxo

  14. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Jenna-nice! I feel the same way about free stuff!
    @MegRuth-good luck chica!
    @Marsha-I miss youuuu!!!!
    @Sarah-hahah we are both such dairy whores!
    @Justin-in case you win I am DEFINITELY sending Elizabeth the chocolate so she can make you gag by watching her eat it 😉
    @Hatsie-it's a good combo, right??
    @Jen-You got it!
    @Mary-glad I could seal the deal 😉
    @Rosemarie-can't wait to check out your son's blog! And you are a nice mom…guarantee you mind wouldn't share ANY of it!
    @Hungry-thanks so much!!! We still need our dinner date!
    @Linda-Blackberries are some of my fave berries – love the tartness!
    @Marebare-you are so sweet! Really can't wait to meet you…pretty sure I will want to become a Shaker, which is great, because I totally want to marry sarah anyway! 😉

  15. Ashley Snyder says:

    Clever song! Food from Philly is the best around. Nothing beats it! It all looks delicious!

  16. Anonymous says:

    why didn't you respond to michael? he left a nice comment and no acknowledgement. i like your lip stick.