River Palm Terrace – A Steak for the Ages

I try to eat a lot of fish, a lot of organic vegetables, a lot of whole grains. I like eating like this. It makes me feel healthy and strong, not to mention better than the other schmucks still eating steak all the time. 
But…really…I want to be a schmuck sometimes. 
I want a steak. I want white bread. I want Don Draper for my very own!
Well, 2 outta 3 ain’t bad.

And that’s what I got at River Palm Terrace, the upscale steakhouse in Edgewater that, with its dark wood, white tablecloths and signed celebrity photos on the wall, looks straight out of a mob movie from the 1980’s.

Already, I was in love.

 Warm bread – onion rolls, French bread and-my favorite – baguette. Warm, chewy bread with an awesomely stiff crust, served with sweet room temperature butter? Always a plus.

Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon with BBQ sauce. This is not the bacon you have in the morning with your pancakes. This is as thick as a hamsteak and almost as porky. It is chargrilled, with an almost aggressive smokiness and a thick layer of soft, unctuous fat. If you don’t like fat or ham, you won’t like this. If, on the other hand, you are a person with GOOD taste…indulge. you won’t be sorry.

Sliced Beefsteak Tomatoes and Bermuda Onions. 
A steakhouse classic. The thick cut tomatoes were sweet and firm, not mealy. New Jersey always has the BEST tomatoes, regardless the time of year. The onions were so sweet that I began eating them in onion-butter-baguette sandwiches – they were almost like apples with just a tiny bit of bite. Dressed simply in olive oil and some salty capers, this was a refreshing and mouthwatering start to the meal.

Prime 10 oz. Petite Filet Mignon
This. Was. FABULOUS! A thickly charred crust gave way with a satisfying crunch to buttery, tender, All-American BEEF!

Nothing really satisfies the way that beef does. Nothing has that iron-y, smooth, sweet, BEEFY taste. And this was delightful. It was served with a very nice Bearnaise and a sweet-spicy-tangy steak sauce that were both delicious but both totally unnecessary. My beef was also cooked a TRUE medium rare – not rare, the way that most steakhouses skew their cooking. 

It is also worth mentioning  that this came with mashed potatoes. I asked for hash browns instead, which they forgot to bring, which ended up being okay. But…my point is…HALLELUJAH! Is this perhaps the last steakhouse in the world that ACTUALLY serves sides with it’s entrees? I, for one, need some potatoes with my meat, and appreciate not having to order it a la carte. 
Luckily, my sister’s crunchy, fresh cut, perfectly salted fries filled the potato gap.

The meal ended with some complimentary watermelon slices. An old fashioned, sweet and refreshing way to end a rather heavy meal. 
But when I say heavy, I don’t mean unpleasantly so. It was just filling, comforting…really, it was just what I wanted. It was a classic steakhouse meal. I got my steak. Got my bread.

Now all I need is Don Draper.
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  1. I need that bacon.

    I lived in Edgewater for a few months after college, right off of River Road, and never got to go there. So sad.

  2. JustinM says:

    That is one of the prettiest steaks I have ever seen. I agree with your comment about steakhouses and medium-rare, however I have to say when I am eating a USDA Prime steak, I would much rather have it undercooked than overcooked.

  3. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Sarah-well, we will have to go back. Cause yes, you DO need that bacon!
    @Justin-You and I both, friend. Can't STAND gray meat.