Foie Gras and Fig Sandwiches

You know that the name of this blogs is Fritos and Foie Gras, right?
I have demonstrated my devotion to Fritos.
But where’s the foie gras love? Where’s the adoration of that organ meat to end all organ meats, that king of controversy, that fatty, creamy, unctuous lobe of heaven?
It’s right here, kids.
It’s a foie gras sandwich.
This is the ultimate sandwich. It is savory, it is sweet, it is rich and it is incredibly simple to make. All you need are some really high quality ingredients.
 You will need:
Brioche (either these small buns or a loaf of brioche will work. You need a soft, rich bread.)
Fig Jam
Pate de Foie Gras (it’s pricy, but a little goes a long way, and if you have never had it – imagine chicken liver pate or liverwurst amplified a million times. I like to get the kind with truffles inside, because once you are spending the money, you might as well spend the extra $3 for the good stuff, right?)
Salt (once again…use the good stuff here. No table salt -you want large grains of sea salt here. Maldon is one of my favorites)
 1)Cut the roll, or 2 slices of bread. Toast them lightly. And, if you use a loaf…might as well cut the crusts off.
Remember…this is a highfalutin sandwich.
 2)Take a sliver of pate. Don’t be stingy now…this is a foie gras sandwich, after all. Be sure to get some of the aspic on your knife, since it is usually made with Sauternes or some other sweet wine. It counteracts the savory texture of the pate and is so delicious mashed into the soft meat.
 3)Spread on one slice of bread.
 4)Take a slightly smaller amount of fig jam. You don’t want the sandwich to taste too sweet, so make sure that there isn’t quite as much jam as there is meat. Figs have a deep natural sweetness that is not sugary sweet, like a strawberry, for example. This makes them a natural accompaniment for savory dishes. Fig jam is also great on Prosciutto sandwiches, with mozzarella on a flatbread, or heated and drizzled over a pork roast.
 5)Sprinkle some sea salt over the side with the fig jam. This will make the figs taste even sweeter.
6)Eat. This has the most savory, umami taste at first, with the earthy truffles and fatty pate coming through strong. Then, the sweetness of the figs shines through on a bright, high note. Finally, on the finish, the salt makes the contrasting flavors taste incredibly vibrant, leaving the memory of meat and sweet. You will want more.
And that’s the thing about it…
You can have as many as your pot of pate will allow.


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