Milk Street Cafe

There have got to be a million delis in New York. The kind where you run in, grab a coffee and a bagel and run out just as fast. But then, most delis don’t have kosher-grade sushi bars in the place, as many food stations as a Las Vegas Buffet, and enough seating for everyone to relax for 5 minutes outside of their offices. 
Milk Street Cafe started in Boston as a catering company, and is expanding to Wall Street. 
 The eatery, which offers quick service options ranging from an Asian station to Italian food to several kinds of roast meat, has seating for hundreds of people and is bigger than some entire apartment buildings! This place was crowded for the press event, yet I had plenty of room, easily found a seat and only once wanted to punch someone in the throat (usually that happens a LOT when I am in a deli and can’t get served fast enough).

 The risotto was a little gluey for my taste, but that happens in a place where a big batch is made and it sits around. Risotto HAS to be served instantly, or it just turns mushy and the starches leach out. Still, this was not bad, as far as deli risottos go. There was clearly some quality cheese in there that was salty but not overkill, and the peas were sweet and fresh. 
 These were those frozen blends that call themselves smoothies or frappes but should really just be called “weight that goes right to your hips.” And, men and women…that is a good thing. I had a mocha whip and it was as good as any coffee dessert drink I have ever had at Starbucks – better, in fact. Thicker, deeper without being bitter, and loaded with tiny dark chocolate chips. 
 I mean, I don’t just show that kind of attention to any old dessert drink that walks into my life. 
Unfortunately, not everything was so delightful. This eggroll was rather tasteless and overly greasy, and the accompanying vegetables tasted unpleasantly of sulphur. Luckily, the night’s menu picked right back up…
with the small sushi station that was serving made-to-order sushi. The whole restaurant is kosher, and while the phrase kosher sushi doesn’t tend to make my mouth water, this sushi actually DID!
 The tuna was mild, the salmon was wonderfully fatty and tender. Both fish were fresh and cut well, with no sinewy strands or offputting smell. Even the rice was excellently cooked, al dente with a tangy taste from rice vinegar. 
The hand rolls were also exemplary, with crispy, slightly salty seaweed, buttery avocado and hot smears of wasabi paste. I would absolutely come back here for the sushi alone!

And I mean that! I would REALLY come back here! It isn’t a destination restaurant, for sure, but compared to the other delis and take out places in the area, this is LEAGUES above in quality of food, value for your money, and comfort while you dine. 
And hey, this place made me believe in Kosher Sushi…pretty much the first Kosher ANYTHING that I really enjoy.
*Note: My meal was paid for by the restaurant.  I was not paid or required to write a review, and my opinions are my own and, I feel, impartial.*