Momofuku Cake Truffles – My Favorite Balls

I thought that these were my favorite balls in NYC.

How wrong I was.
Sure, meat is great, but how can it compare with cake?

 Momofuku Milk Bar is located across the street from Momofuku Ssam Bar. What David Chang has done for Korean food, Christina Tosi has done for funfetti cake. She has created from food that mostly a small amount of the population (in funfetti’s case, the population under 10 years of age) enjoys, something that is universally approachable and appealing.
The tiny bakery, which has no seating indoors, is home to a myriad of sweet (and a few savory) treats,but ignore the other flavors of cake truffles and even the famous crack pie and go straight for…
The birthday cake truffle.


A sweet and slightly crunchy white chocolate glaze on the outside forms a crust which gives way to the doughy, buttery magma center of this rich sweet cake. It really is exactly like when you take the pieces off the pan that stick when you try to unmold a cake, roll them into a ball, and eat them.
Don’t pretend you haven’t done that.

The shocker here is that it isn’t too sweet – it is really more vanilla-y than anything else, and the denseness paired with the tight crumb makes it less of a gut bomb than a satisfying sweet. 
They come in packs of 3, and in the name of all that is holy, I have no idea why they don’t sell them in packs of 14.
These will definitely make me pre-diabetic. 
And it will be worth it.
After all…these are my favorite balls in NYC.

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  1. Have you tried the chocolate pretzel cake balls yet? They are kind of amazing.

  2. Remember the day I brought these into work for a certain gentlemen? 😉

  3. JustinM says:

    Normally I like my balls to be meaty rather than vanilla-flavored…. but I think there might be room for both here.

    We were talking about going back to NYC for vacation this summer. Maybe I will plan a day where I put nothing but balls in my mouth.

    • I came here for lunch today for the first time because my fredins were always bragging about it. Four words: Best Pork Buns Ever. But if you’re going for the Momofuku Ramen, try the Shitake Steamed Buns as a side dish. It’ll be a great pairing. Oh, and before I forget, the Roasted Rice Cakes were great too. I really hope Momofuku Noodle Bar does a groupon offer soon!

  4. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Ada-NO!!! Wow, I seriously NEED to try those!!!
    @Sarah-well, who the hell do ya think introduced me to these babies?? 😉
    @Justin-1)That day would be awesome, and 2)That day would be AwESOME!

  5. A-Tooch says:

    ohh my gosh birthday cake truffles are awesome. I also had some kind of banana cake ones from there that were delish too.