Alice’s Tea Cup, for the Little Girl in You

When I was a little girl, I would have loved coming to Alice’s Tea Cup. Fairy wings on the wall, mismatched tea sets and sweet servers whose only desire, it seems, is to help you choose which color of tea will be prettiest with your party dress. 
 Hell, I know a lot of little boys who would have loved that too.
I was a Musical Theatre major, remember?
 And it is kind of hard not to like teapots with cute little animal figurines on them.
 There are literally HUNDREDS of teas and blends you can try. We are talking black teas, green teas, white teas, tea blends…I always thought tea kinda tasted like hot bathwater. I got the Christmas Blend, which tasted like cinnamon-y, nutmeg-y…bathwater. What can I say? I’m just not a tea person. 
My sister, who is a tea person, loved her iced passion fruit tea.
 Now THIS was the reason that I came. For 2 people for $37, you get 2 pots of tea, 3 scones the size of a small country with whipped cream and jam, 6 finger sandwiches and a plate of dessert offerings for the day.
That is a lot of food, people. And you can order it from 11 AM in the morning. My kind of brunch, indeed.
There is so much food and so many ways to customize this that it is nearly impossible not to enjoy your meal. 
Roasted Cumin Carrot Sandwich. Thin ribbons of carrots were roasted so their sugars caramelized but the vegetable still retained a bit of texture – no baby food here. The carrots’ natural sweetness melded well with the smoky spice of the cumin and the mild cream cheese spread. It was a simple sandwich that was elevated by the unusual pairing of ingredients (cumin and cream cheese?) and the truly awesome bread. All the baked goods here are house made, and this tangy, airy bread dotted with hearty seeds was a fantastic addition to the sandwich. 
They also have a great classic egg salad sandwich – creamy, fragrant with dill and peppery with watercress. Not too mushy, with ample chunks of smooth white and luscious yolk. 
Though there was a great pumpkin scone that was sweet, spicy with cinnamon and tasted like pumpkin pie gone rogue, my favorite scone of the day was the ham and cheese. Sharp, tangy cheddar mixed with salty bits of Southern ham and scallions. The scones were dense but not brick-like. I could really work my way through one without feeling like I was at war with a zeppelin in my stomach. That is why these large scones work well – they are delicate instead of leaden.
By the time you get to dessert, you might feel kind of full. That’s okay, because the lemon tart was a bit too sweet and runny for my tastes.
I like them tart and firm. 
Like I like my men.
Too bad I didn’t save room for this mocha cake.
But that is really my only complaint for Alice’s Tea Cup. It was delicious, it was well priced and it was well served. Consider yourself warned that there are plenty of families with small children here, the room is a bit warm for the summertime, and there is estrogen here. 
A lot of estrogen. 
My dad would kill himself. 
But, even though I’m not a little girl…I still love coming to Alice’s Tea Cup.
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  1. Yum, Alice's is so much fun! Their salads and sandwiches are so delicious. I actually live right next to that one and go there WAY too often, hard to resist their chocolate scones!

  2. I know someone who LOVES tea. I wonder if she's been here.

  3. I have not been yet. I know, it's shocking. I love tea and Alice! I need to get myself here sometime soon. Thanks for the review.

  4. JustinM says:

    Will you go with her so I don't have to?

  5. I went once with a few girlfriends and we had fun! Was delish 🙂

  6. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Ada-I would NEVER be able to resist that!
    @JustinM – I would love to go!
    @TheBB-if you are in town now, I would love to meet up!!