Croxley Ales – The Standard-Setting Wings

It’s no secret that I can eat like a dude. I love bacon wrapped hot dogs, huge steaks and pizzas covered in various meat products. Something else I love: Wings. And I am pretty sure I discovered the holy grail, courtesy of another gal who can match me in the manly eating habits department. 
 Croxley Ales is a straight man’s haven. We are talking multiple televisions playing different sporting events, a huge draft beer selection, room to sit while you get tipsy and full, and enough guys to make you forget that your girlfriend made you watch The Notebook again last night. Pretty much, this place is great. 
 Irish Nachos.
If you haven’t had these, you didn’t spend enough time getting drunk in college. French fries topped with bacon, scallions and melted cheddar cheese. There was nothing totally extraordinary about these – frozen fries, some soggy, not very seasoned. But something about melted cheese globbing onto fried potatoes, sprinkled with salty bits of pork and fresh, zingy scallions gets me every time. I wasn’t even drinking, but I could imagine that these would only get better with alcohol consumption. 
And then…it was onto the wings. 10 cents per wing. And they were GOOD.
 Honey Wings – Sweet, crunchy, honey caramelizing on the outside to a perfect crunch. The meat inside the sugary shell was moist, tender and hot enough to burn my tongue. That’s a good thing. 
 Teriyaki Wings. 
No way did this come out of a bottle. Tangy, salty, sticky, a little sweet, savory with green onion sand sesame seeds. Is anything better than teriyaki with chicken? Didn’t think so.
Hot Wings. 
Vinegary, spicy, a thin crust surrounding those juicy drumsticks and delicate wings. Dipped in some EXCELLENT blue cheese dressing, these set the chicken wing standard. Spicy but not painful, bones loaded with tender but not mushy meat and a dressing on the side that was funky enough to compete with the spicy zing of the wings. 
I usually do a rather poetic wrap up, but really, what can I say here? Cheap, delicious food, not so great for a first date but AWESOME for talking about what happened on that first date with the guys. 
Or, if you are a gal like me…spilling the dirt on what happened to your girls!

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  1. I love wings. and beer. and men.


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