The Best Ice Cream in NYC

Ice cream. It’s the American pastime. 
Like baseball but more delicious. 
So where should you head in NYC?
Cones. This Argentine run gelato shop has a small, unusual list of rotating ice cream flavors like corn and tiramisu. 
 You can also try their premium ice cream of the month – this month featured Blue Label Johnnie Walker Whisky. One sniff of it and I knew I would be wasted. 
 I stuck with the zabaglione. Creamy, airy, smooth and filled with the richness of eggs, the sweetness of whole milk and the tang of Marsala wine. This is a way to get that unmistakable taste of booze in your dessert without actually getting drunk. 
Pistachio gelato at Eataly. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Once in awhile. This is the best pistachio ice cream I have ever had. So rich, so nutty, so intensely pistachio-y that it is almost savory. The naturally salty, meaty taste of the pistachio is tempered by the sweetness of sugar and richness of the eggs. The gelato is very dense here, with a lot of flavor in just a little bite. This is one for nut lovers. 
 Steve’s Ice Cream. The most underrated ice cream in the city. It has a terrible location (near Grand Central Station), but inside the small store, you can get artisanal candy from Liddabit, locally produced coffee and some of the best ice cream on the planet. The vanilla with pink peppercorns balances sweetness with that slight hit of heat at the back of the throat. The pretzel-chocolate-beer has a slight bitter sourness that works so well with the sweet chocolate and salty pretzel. And the espresso…
The espresso might be the plainest ice cream on offer, but it’s also the best. As potent as a shot of caffeine, as sweet as a milkshake, as dense and rich as Paris Hilton. This ice cream has a flavor that just won’t quit – at first, you taste the mild sweetness of the cream, then the deep, earthy taste of the coffee. As the ice cream melts lushly in your mouth, you get a final, last taste of faint bitterness mixed with that gentle, mild cream. This is just outstanding. 
So…what are you waiting for! Go experience America’s national pastime!
…That’s what she said
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  1. Yummy choices! You should check out for their Egg Nog ice cream in the fall!