Bistrot le 7 – Lunch in Champagne

For the first time in the several times we have been to Paris, the Fritos and Foie Gras family ventured outside of Paris to the Champagne region. The overnight trip was incredibly easy to make, the scenery was beautiful and the selection of champagne was incredible and varied.

But more on that later.

Now it’s time to see where we ate for lunch:
Located inside the Hotel Les Berceaux, Bistrot Le 7 is the more casual offshoot of the restaurant’s Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant.
  Same chef, more casual food and atmosphere. 
And a humongous selection of champagnes by the glass, mostly made by local producers so small that the bottles don’t get exported to Paris, much less to NYC. 
 Rillettes and Radishes
These pork rillettes were the perfect way to start the meal. Shreds of pork blended with herbs, spices and a healthy amount of fat to create a soft (but not mushy) spread that was incredibly hearty and satisfying. The radishes provided a sharp counterpoint to the lush taste and mouth feel of the pork. 
 Spread on a hunk of seeded bread, soft on the inside and with a tender, biteable crust, it created a heck of a sandwich. 
 Beef Carpaccio with Pecorino Romano
No, I had not yet had enough raw beef. Different than tartare, the carpaccio had a much more delicate flavor. Because of the see through slices into which it was shaved, the beef basically melted on my tongue, leaving behind only the gentle taste of beef. There was nothing robust or coarse about this – it was all elegance and subtlety – almost the memory of a great steak instead of the heavy feeling of eating the steak itself. This was served with a lightly garlicky, extremely basil heavy pesto, bringing freshness to the dish. The peppered slices of Pecorino were another worthy component to the carpaccio. It was far more mild and less salty than pecorino tends to be – more soft, less tangy. It was an outstanding carpaccio.
 Mixed Seafood Salad
This was incredibly simple, and an example of how fresh ingredients make for the best meals. There was salmon, seared to a crispy crunch with a soft and velvety interior. There was local whitefish, mild and flaky, absorbing the sweet and spicy Asian style marinade around the edge of the plate. The scallops were huge and perfectly cooked, rich pieces of shellfish that had the richness of lobster but the texture of butter. The salad greens were fresh and snappy, the dressing was light and piquant and the slightly Asian marinade totally complimented the seafood. 
Quail Stewed in Cream and Foie Gras
I didn’t try the quail, but I did try the foie gras. Seared foie is so much different than cold foie. A crispy crust surrounded a positively liquid center, full of luscious, meaty, irony tastes. It was exceptional. I would get this dish for the foie gras alone. 
Bistrot le 7 is a wonderful lunch stop. If you are, as we were, far too buzzed for 1 pm, you will need this simple food to sop up the alcohol. And if you aren’t buzzed…what are you doing in Champagne? Though, truth be told, this would be delicious even sober.

I think. 


  1. Oh seared foie gras! My favorite!

  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Hungry-me too!!