Escargot at Almond

I hadn’t heard much about Almond when Feisty Foodie, Hungry and I decided to go there for dinner. My only specifications were that it had champagne and escargot. No, I clearly did NOT get my fill of these healthy food items while in France.
The restaurant is large and eclectically decorated, with a comfortable couch and coffee table in the foyer, rustic wooden tables throughout and a spacious, happening bar. The vibe is relaxed but lively. This is a fantastic place for a first date – flirty but not really romantic.
Sparkling Wine
We ordered a sparkling rose and it was okay at best. Properly fizzy, but far too sweet, without any citrusy or deep notes to take away from the residual sugar. This might be good as a dessert wine, but was just too sweet for most of our meal.
 Octopus and Potatoes with Pickled Poblanos
this dish was good but not great. the octopus, while fresh and mild tasting,was a little more rubbery than I like it, and the creamy potatoes were a bit salty. the pickled poblanos were positively inspired – vinegary and lip tingling, they added spice with just a bit of heat to make the octopus taste meatier and the potatoes taste sweeter and more earthy. I am being harsh here – the dish was good, it was just not outstanding.
These were every bit as good as the escargot I enjoyed in Paris, with the added pleasure of being easier to eat. All the meat was taken out of the shell, baked in tangy Pernod, sharp garlic and fresh parsley, then topped with a piece of bread that was crusty on the top and delightfully moist and buttery where it touched the snails. This made sure that I got every bit of the luscious, salty, garlicky butter in the little dish. the snails themselves were so tender, so mild, so delightful that I can only compare them to the moistest chicken thighs, but with the texture of tuna sashimi. Just try it for yourself.

In fact, I would go back to Almond for these in a heartbeat. The price was right, the service was great and the escargot were to die for. The octopus dish was not worth a repeat, nor was the wine.

But I’ll be damned if I didn’t wake up the next morning wanting to eat more of those snails!
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  1. Feisty Foodie says:

    I really need to not be the one to sample the wine anymore

  2. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Feisty-no, I need to be less high maintenance 😉

  3. I'll take a sweet wine over a bitter on any time.