Flex Mussels Shows its Seafood Stregnth

If you love mussels like I do…
Get yourself to Flex Mussels

From the moment I walked into the West Village joint and detected the mouthwatering aromas of garlic and fresh seafood, I knew I was in for something special. There was a small, modern bar in front where I watched an affable bartender shuck oysters with ease and when I walked through the bar section, I was greeted with a beautiful wall light depicting a peaceful fishing village.

The rest of the room was modern and casual, but that picture was so serene yet vibrant that it infused the whole room with a sense of relaxed enthusiasm for a night of delicious food. And when it comes to mussels, I get really enthusiastic. 

There are 23 different ways to order your mussels here, and each one sounded more tasty than the last. 

Thai Mussels

The moment the lid was lifted up, the aromatic scents of lemongrass and cilantro smacked me in the face. My mouth started watering instantly. The broth was rich with coconut milk, and vaguely sweet. This contrasted with the floral lemongrass and that punchy, assertive taste of cilantro. Bight lime made the flavor of the mussels pop, bringing out their salinity next to their naturally creamy texture and mild taste. The broth was so delicious that I longed for some rice to eat it with. And this wasn’t even my favorite dish on the table.

Fra Diavolo

That honor would go to these Fra Diavolo mussels. Sweet San Marzano Tomatoes, fresh basil, the burn of red pepper flakes and loads of spicy, biting garlic. It barely verged on being too garlicky, but avoided this by making sure the garlic was diced very finely and caramelized well. This broth was so umami – that incredible savory, sweet and spicy taste that only tomatoes give that was punched up with the taste of those wonderful mussels. So creamy and mild, so gently oceanic. They were just incredible.

Truffle Parmesan Fries

Though I really feel that the mussels should all come with fries and that these were pricey at $10 a pop, they were certainly delicious. Crispy and fresh with nutty Parmesan cheese and heady truffle oil as a dipping sauce, these were fantastic. Even so, I wouldn’t order them again. The freshly baked sourdough bread and slightly sweet wheat bread were perfect carby sponges for the remnants of the broth.

Flex Mussels is a great spot for a dinner with friends or family. A couple of pots of mussels will only throw you back about $20 ($23 at most), and with 23 different options, there is no chance of you getting bored of the options. There are other menu items too, including a fantastic looking raw bar and plenty of meat for the seafood wary. 
Flex Mussels, I will be back.
I just hope I can tear myself away from those Fra Diavolo mussels to try a new version!
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  1. I've seen truffle oil on fries, but never as a dipping sauce. That's intense.