I Love Tator Tots and Alcohol

I know, I know, I said the last post would be my last one of the week. But I wanted to include a few miscellaneous shots of food and drink that really deserve a spot on the blog. 
Foods for Which I am Thankful:
Cheesy Tots from Big Daddy’s
Fluffy, crispy, perfectly greasy tator tots covered in a blanket of mild, melty Cheez Whiz. 
Burrata-Anchovy Toast from D Bar
This tiny bar next to Donatella offers elegant cocktials, a dark, romantic atmosphere, and the ability to order anything off them menu form Donatella to be delivered to you at the bar. These crostini are the perfect accompaniment to an herbal cucumber martini: perfectly toasted bread, creamy burrata cheese, and a mild, slightly salty anchovy topping the whole thing. 
The Drinks at Mulberry Project
This unmarked bar in Chinatown offers you the chance to create your own bespoke cocktail based on an alcohol of your choice and the most seasonal ingredients at the greenmarket. My summery choice included slightly dry prosecco, sweet peaches, and savory charred rosemary. Be warded that no matter how much you love your drink, you won’t be able to order it twice – the bartenders insist on making you something new each time. Best to get reservations, and be warned that jeans and flip flops are not allowed (found that one out the hard way).
Say what you will about the rest of the food being sub par and the service being apathetic at best, but there is nothing like bellying up to the bar at the Grand Central Oyster Bar, ordering a dozen of the freshest oysters in town, and people watching. I dare you to dine there and not feel like Don Draper
99 Cent Pizza (slathered in vinegary hot sauce)
Really? Must I say more than this?
The only thing left to say is Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. I want to go back to D Bar!

    Also, who doesn't love tater tots? It's the perfect food for hungover sorority girls and grown-up city ladies alike 😉