Jazzed Up Miso Soup

Don’t ever let anyone me or anyone else tell you what you should like or how you should like it. With very few exceptions, what is the best is what tastes best to YOU! Whether that be chicken liver or food so spicy it makes you cry or a salad dressing made out of moldy cheese, if you love it, it’s great! As much as I love real recipes, I love mish-mosh recipes too, using pungent and spicy ingredients I have on hand.

I always have miso paste in the house. It is great as a marinade for fish or meat, as part of a salad dressing, or as a soup in its own right. I have kept packages of powdered miso in the house, but I find that miso paste tastes far deeper and more complex – more than salt, it tastes slightly fermented, sweet, and earthy. There is mild paste like white miso paste, and earthy pastes like red miso paste, and miso pastes that lie somewhere in the middle, like yellow miso paste – my favorite.  The only thing is – miso soup does not a meal make. But miso soup with a few add ins – well, that does a meal make. This isn’t a recipe so much as a guideline, reminding you that whatever you like is the right recipe, and the right way to make it.

Jazzed Up Miso Soup


2 Cups water
2 Tbls. miso paste
1 onion or 3 scallions, thinly sliced
Handful of asparagus tips, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach or other vegetables, chopped (be sure to use veggeis you don’t mind barely cooked – no long stewing processes here)
Handful of kimchi, chopped.
Handful each of cilantro and mint
2 Tbls. rice wine vinegar
1 Tbls. sambal olek, or 1 serrano chille, thinly sliced.

1) Boil the water.

2) Add the miso paste, stir.

3) Add the vegetables, kimchi, and herbs. 

4)Add the rice wine vinegar 

and chile paste.

5)Boil until vegetables are cooked to your liking and taste for seasonings.


See? I told you…this really couldn’t be easier. This is delicious with just a scoop of white sticky rice. It is also delicious with cucumber salad, maple soy salmon, or a few thin slices of London Broil set to poach in the boiling soup. The glory of this, though, is that it is perfect all on its own. The kimchi becomes soft and mellow in the soup, lending its pungent fishiness and garlic to the rest of the broth. The onions are sweet and slightly sharp, and the fragrance of the cilantro and mint is heady and intoxicating. The vinegar adds a pleasant tang and the chile adds a nose-clearing amount of heat. The miso itself is an umami, slightly salty background that manages to taste meaty and light at the same time. This doesn’t need noodles or a poached egg, but that would be delicious too. Bottom line – make what you want. Eat what you want. Make it how you want.

And don’t let anyone tell you that isn’t the right way to cook. 


  1. The Elegant Eggplant says:

    This is MY kind of recipe!! I love everything you put in there, looks totally delish to me. I totally agree with your feelings on recipes here.. I feel the same way. Love it!

  2. No joking – that looks like the best miso soup I have ever seen.

  3. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Elegant Eggplant – thanks so much! So glad that I can now find your site!
    @Justin-Thanks, friend!


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