Momoya is Meh

I have been known to like chi-chi sushi restaurants before, so I figured I would give Momoya a try. It seemed a little pricey, but sometimes you get what you pay for, right?
The UWS location, small but not cramped, is upscale but extremely casual – the lunchtime crowd included moms with strollers, business people on lunch breaks, and know it all food bloggers wearing stretchy pants. 
VERY meh. And this is from someone who loves all those standard salads you get at sushi restaurants. This time, the mesclun greens were weighed down by the thick dressing, rendering them limp and tasteless. The dressing itself was far too sweet, without the spicy, pungent, tart quality that makes ginger dressing so delicious. 
Momoya Spicy Yellowtail
Spicy Yellowtail wrapped in Seared Yellowtail with Jalapeno Relish
This was a real conundrum. The yellowtail atop the sushi was incredible – buttery, mild, fatty but not overly so. The seared edges gave it a hearty taste while the rare inside was fresh and soft. The spicy yellowtail mixture, however, was incredibly bland. Was it tuna? Was it yellowtail? Was there any wasabi in there whatsoever? Additionally, the jalapeno relish didn’t have any heat at all. Too bad, because the quality of the seared yellowtail was top notch. 
Amsterdam Roll
Spicy Tuna and Shrimp Tempura Wrapped in Soy Paper
I don’t know what this was. A humongous glob of rice wrapped around some non-spicy tuna and some very well fried shrimp. Relatively tasteless and way too huge to eat in one mouthful. 
I mean, I ate it in one mouthful. But it was way too big, anyway. This was just…odd. Not great. 
Udon with Tempura 
First of all: Wow. Now, THIS is a portion size.  The tempura on the side was great – snappy shrimp inside crisp tempura breading, creamy eggplant and tender-crisp broccoli, all delicious with a sprinkling from the shaker of togashari pepper. The udon was also quite good – springy, chewy noodles with the perfect texture ina mild vegetable broth laden with meaty shitaki and tender enoki mushrooms. This was a great serving size and quite tasty. But the price was ridiculous – $13 for this? No. Sorry. Not cutting it. 
And sadly, Momoya isn’t cutting it. I can eat sushi with cheaper prices and better taste all over the city. Sadly, I can’t recommend this place. But I do recommend you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving – see you after the holiday!
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  1. That's too bad about Momoya, I've only had positive experiences there. I will say, though, that Tenzan on the Upper West Side is MUCH better, probably the best sushi I've had in the city.