Big Daddy’s Big Breakfasts

When its time for breakfast and you are really, REALLY hungry, you don’t want fancy, precious food. You don’t want a server to explain how the lettuce was grown by 12 year old genius farmers, and you don’t want 13 amuse bouches before you get to the main course. You want hearty, cheap food, and lots of it. Served quickly. Preferably greasy. 
You want Big Daddy’s
This is just a damn good diner. Sure, it has a kitschy pop-culture decor and Trivial Pursuit cards at every table so you aren’t bored while you wait for your food. But don’t let those factors distract you from the fact that this place serves up good ole diner food. The fare here is served quickly, it is cheap, and it is GOOD.
Omelette with Cheddar, Tomatoes, Avocado and Caramelized Onions
This 3 egg build-your-own-omelette is just perfect. By that, I mean that the toppings virtually overtake the eggs. There were so many toppings in there – melty, gooey cheddar, juicy tomatoes, buttery avocados, and sweetly caramelized onions. I could not take a bite of fluffy egg without getting that symphony of flavors. A sprinkle of Tabasco sauce was all that was needed to bring this omelette to life.
Toast served alongside was thick and filled with earthy rye flavor, and the tator tots…well, I have waxed poetic about those crispy orbs of tuber goodness
This isn’t a long review, because this was all I could eat. All day. I finished the plate and then had to nap for a good 2 hours. 
And that’s what a great diner breakfast should do to you.
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