Cafe Blossom – Soy Bacon Cheeseburgers Never Tasted So Great

I did it again. I visited another vegan restaurant. I did it to confront my fear, to show that I can indeed be an evolved person who appreciates different types of food, to bury the hatchet between the name of my blog and those who hate the idea of foie gras…
And I did it because I heard the place had an awesome faux cheeseburger.
Café Blossom is an offshoot of Blossom, a popular vegan restaurant in Chelsea. In case I need to remind you, vegans make vegetarians look like laid back, stuff any old thing in my face truck drivers. Vegans don’t eat any animal product – no honey, no eggs, and NO dairy. The restaurant was lovely – small, modern, dimly lit enough for a date but casual enough for a dinner between friends. 
Mushroom Ravioli with Truffle “Butter”
This ravioli was awesome-no other way to put it. Though the pasta was a  bit thick and doughy for my tastes, the filling was wonderful – rich, aromatic, garlic-tinged…dare I say that it was…meaty? The herbed truffle oil added the perfect touch of headiness to the dish, making it richer and more satisfying. My only complaint was that it was a little small – one more ravioli would have made it perfect.
Seitan Au Poivre
Let’s get first things out of the way first – this is not steak. It isn’t pretending to be steak, and it has no desire to be steak. It is a soft, though not mushy texture, and is a soybean-based protein. Okay, now that we got that out of the way…this was awesome. Peppery, sharp, filled with sautéed onions and thick mushrooms. It even managed to approach creaminess, with none of the vomit aftertaste that fake milk products can sometimes have. The asparagus was grilled until smoky and those skinny shoestring fries were crispy and lightly salted, delicious when dragged through the spicy, wine-flavored sauce.
Soy Bacon Cheeseburger with Tapioca Cheddar Cheese
This burger rocked my steak eating, raw beef lovingegg yolk worshipping socks off. I mean, really…it was  awesome. In fact, if you hadn’t told me, I would NEVER have known that this was a vegan cheeseburger. It tasted like a thin, fresh burger patty, meaty and slightly salty, covered in mild Velveeta cheese, smoky bacon, and creamy Russian dressing. Basically, it was a dream. I kept on looking at my burger and waiting for a strange texture of horrid aftertaste to kick in, but it NEVER DID. It really tasted like a great, greaseless fast food burger, on a soft bun served with a fresh salad dressed in a sweet, mustardy vinaigrette. Don’t worry, you can choose to get fries on the side instead. Sure, the burger could have used a squirt of hot sauce and a couple of pickles, but those are easy fixes. The point is that this burger tasted like a burger. A guilty, bad for you burger. And all that was in it was soy and tapioca. When I was finished, I didn’t feel bloated or like I had a salt lick in my mouth. It was a guilt free cheeseburger!
I hope you still eat bacon. I hope you love foie gras and eat grilled cheese till it comes out your ears. In spite of all that, get yourself to Blossom for excellent service, very fair prices, and a burger that will blow your meat-eating mind.
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