Remember the Time…

…when I forgot that today was Monday? Yes, I was actually convinced that today was Sunday. I have no excuses and few words. The words I have are these:
When in doubt, top it with a fried egg.
That’s what she said. And she also said, regular posts to resume tomorrow!


  1. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Hanukkah and a (hopefully) quiet city this weekend! xx

  2. I forgot that yesterday was Sunday; I thought it was Saturday all day. And my brother – I'm not making this up – was doing something on his ipad and actually asked me what the date was. I said "Is that a serious question?" and he said "Yes."

  3. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Sarah-I did(and still am!) and I can't WAIT to see you!!
    @Justin-Okay, well, thank your brother for officially asking the best question regarding dates. I feel so much better about my litle mix up! Hope you had a great Christmas!