Fresh Diet – The Aftermath – Sponsored Post

So, when last we spoke, I was about to try The Fresh Diet. It sounded good, but how did it actually work out?
 Well, the food was delivered every night and kept icy cold in a freezer bag with an ice pack while I slept.
 It was all labeled with heating instructions.
 The menus were varied and included snacks and desserts…
But of course the real question is, how did it taste?
It was fantastic. It was all fresh and well seasoned without being too salty. It was seasonal and tasty. The meats were juicy, the fruits were sweet, and the desserts were the perfect sugary way to end the day. Bruschetta with guacamole or a delicate salmon spread filled me during the 3 pm snack attack. This isn’t easy – no diet is. To be sure, you will feel hungry the first day or two. But, the food here is so well prepared, wholesome, and easy to enjoy that it is the best diet option I could imagine for busy folks on the run.
And that’s it. This is a great option for someone who wants to control calories while eating wholesome and tasty food. And, through a special offer from The Fresh Diet, if you start today for $29.99 per day then you get 3 days free. Just include the promo code: singlejan3, and enjoy!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this review, but the opinions expressed are entirely my own.