Fresh Diet’s Fresh Approach to Dining Well – Sponsored Post

 I constantly preach about eating whole foods, staying away from too much processed crap, and eating seasonally. 
Well, when you are living alone, that can get pricey. And time consuming. 
If you are cooking for four people or more, great! You can buy chicken in bulk, onions by the bushel, and belong to a warehouse supplier that has loads of organic products. But when it’s just one person, it gets very, very expensive. And when there is no one to help you do the shopping or prepare the meals, you can say goodbye to watching Teen Mom 2 – you need to spend your Tuesday nights prepping all your meals. 
That’s where The Fresh Diet comes in. 
When The Fresh Diet contacted me about trying their program, I was wary, BUT, everything sounded really legit. I mean, it’s all wholesome, fresh food. All the menus are customizable. They are all about 1500 calories for women (which would mean a substantial amount of weight loss considering that my usual diet consists of too many grilled cheese sandwiches and chili dogs), and the price was incredibly reasonable. 
The selling point on this was the food. It just sounded really good. Nothing frozen, nothing weird. Just fresh, wholesome stuff delivered to your door every night, so you could bring it to work with you the next day for lunch. And the items sounded great, like stuff I would make myself – mahi mahi Caesar salad, beef stuffed mushrooms, mozzarella wraps, and homemade chocolate pudding. Who doesn’t want that delivered to her door every day?
And…okay…maybe I wanted to lose a couple of pounds, too. It is after the holidays, after all. I am only human, and I really did enjoy a few too many latkes.
If this sounds like a good plan to you, you can make your order today, using the code jan3, for 3 free days if you order a month plan. That is $30 a day for 3 meals, plus snacks and desserts, delivered straight to your door every day. 
Tune in later this week to see how I enjoyed the food. In the meantime, check out The Fresh Diet website!
Disclaimer: I was compensated for this review, but the opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. Any diet with desserts, is a diet for me 😉