Two Simple Sandwiches

I don’t always make intricate, complicated dishes. I don’t always eat fabulous tasting menus. Most of the time, I eat convenient foods – a fast soup, a simple salad. And I am a huge fan of sandwiches. The best part about a sandwich is that it is whatever you want it to be. Sometimes I feel like a vegetable sandwich with:
 Very fresh sourdough baguette (if it’s stale, the sandwich won’t have the proper texture),
 doused in red wine vinegar. Must be red wine, must be DOUSED – until the inside turns to mush and starts to peek through the hard crust. 
 Then, I like to put on some freshly sliced tomatoes
 buttery avocado (or leftover guacamole),
 shredded iceberg lettuce
 thinly sliced red onions
 and stuffed olives. Treat yourself to the best olives you can find – these were stuffed with buffalo sharp cheddar.
 Top it with lashings of hot sauce (this one is new to me and embarrassingly addictive), and…
 dig in. This isn’t a heavy sandwich, but it is immensely fulfilling. Different flavors and textures – sweet tomato, briny olives, fiery hot sauce, and that bread. That is the key-the vinegar soaked bread. Baguette is the perfect choice here because it gets soft but does not deteriorate. This sandwich feels indulgent but is really incredibly virtuous – there isn’t even any mayo or cheese on it. I don’t’ crave anything else with it as a side.
Of course…
 there are other days. Days where I need a little something guiltier. Something meatier. On those days…
 I slice chive-scented Cotswold cheese (though gorgonzola dolce is lovely, too),
 and quickly cook a flank steak to just past blue-rare. I let it come to room temperature, then slice it thinly. 
 Then, I pile the steak atop a mayonnaise-smeared piece of ciabatta bread – floury, airy, with a thick and sturdy crust. I top it with fried onions (and mushrooms, if I have any in the house),
 and a bit of Peter Luger Steak Sauce (the best I have every tried).
 I add some hot pickled peppers, shredded iceberg lettuce (going through a big iceberg phase, oh yes I am), and the cheese.
 This is indulgent. It has bloody meat, spicy peppers, creamy mayo and salty shards of cheese. It is filling and you need to take a nap after you eat it. It wants for nothing more than a few salt and vinegar chips and a root beer. I don’t eat this sandwich as much as I wish I could. 
And sometimes simple meals at home really are the best. 


  1. I will move to NYC if you make this last sandwich for me. That looks amazing.

    My brother went to Peter Luger last spring and loved it but did not care for the sauce. However, when it comes to sauces, I think I trust your opinion more than his.

  2. I really love sandwiches. Bread and cheese will never leave my diet.

  3. Fritos and Foie Gras says:

    @Justin-thanks for the faith in my sauce choice! And the sauce is a bit sweet, which he may not have responded to, but on a really savory sandwich like this, it's just great!



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